Aibon in the US?

27 08 2007

Kago Ai some time ago

Kago Ai, aka Aibon, an ex-Morning Musume member was fired from Up Front Agency earlier this year.  I recently read on Hello! Blog that her mother revealed in an interview that Kago is currently in NY (New York). 

I’ve always loved Aibon to death and been a huge fan, even after her suspension and being fired.  I excitedly shared this with Kuri of Morning! Kuri, a good friend and karaoke partner of mine.  We decided to look Kago up online and found she is living at the W in New York City.  (YAY!)

So that’s about it.  Exciting news, ne?  (Don’t go stalking her, though XD)  We’ve also decided to email her with some of our W covers we’ve done.  We’re totally stoked about it.  Let’s hope she can speak English enough to understand what the heck we’re saying.  Oh, and if you have anything you’d like to say to her, if everything works out, I’d be more than happy to put in something you’ve said, too. 

Let’s show Aibon her international fans haven’t forgotten her! 



5 responses

27 08 2007

The most I had heard about this was that it was a rumour. Is it definitely true now?
Also, how did find her email address? I wouldn’t have thought it would be posted anywhere online.

16 09 2007

Hi all!
I’am huge Aibon fan from St.Petersburg Russia. I read that news about NY and was very happy to hear some new info about her. I’am too want to support her by Email, please contact me! ^^
(If she’ll answer me, this will be for me the most happy moment in life m-.-m)
If she ever comes to visit St.Petersburg, I would be happy to show her around the city.

17 09 2007

Hi, I’m surprised, did you really get kago ai’s e-mail address? How did you get that?

29 12 2007

pls tell me the email address.. sent to my email

3 02 2008

could you send me her emailadd please?

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