W: Then and Now

1 09 2007

W doing their signature pose... a... W... shocking, isn't it?

Aah, W…. I miss them… their sickeningly cute voices and their overly energetic actions.  And then…. they both turned slutty…. Aibon’s dating a guy almost twice her age and went to a hot spring with him (hot springs=people naked together) and Nono got knocked up.  My oh my.  That’s okay, I still love them both. 

Anyway, I was thinking yesterday that I should write on W from start to end and remember some of their good and bad times.  So here we go!  Two of my all-time favorite H!P members: Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi! 

So first thing’s first.  Auditions!  Its been taken down, but I did see their audition on youtube.  I have to admit, Aibon was (and always was) a much better singer than Nono.  She just had this amazing and cute voice that was always sincere (I’ll explain that later).  Tsuji, however, wasn’t the best at singing, she strained a lot in her audition, but her crooked teeth were just about the most adorable thing ever.  How could you not add them both?  [Practically] twins in Morning Musume would just be too fun!  And it deffinitely was.  Tsunku made a good choice on Momusu’s dynamite duo! 

Then there was their debut single, Happy Summer Wedding, which unfortunately, we hardly got to hear either of them on.  In fact, in most Momusu singles with them, Tsuji doesn’t have many solo lines, so we don’t hear her too much at all, but Kago did get her fair share of lines.  But that was nonsequitur.  It took me a really, really long time to like HSW.  I hated it until a few months ago when I had to start doing it for a couple karaoke projects, and it just grew on me. 

It wasn’t until the next single that Kago really shined.  It’s really surprising how well she could hit those high notes at the end of I WISH, especially because she was so new and so young.  Let me tell you personally from a singer’s point of view, those are hard notes to hit smoothly.  We also got to hear more of Tsuji in I WISH!  Although she had one solo line, she sang all the choruses, and she sang a couple duet lines with Kago, in which she also sounded very nice in those. 

The duo continued to get more and more lines on the Momusu singles.  They both got a nice number on Koko ni Iruzee!, but it wasnt until a couple singles after that they got their real big breaks.  Aibon got a nice big monolouge and some main parts on As For One Day, which she totally kicked ass on.  And then a few singles later, Nono got her break-out song: Shabondama.  You probably wouldn’t agree with me on that, but I say it because this was the first time we heard Nono’s real voice. 

As I said before, I would explain about Kago’s “sincere” cute voice.  It was her natural voice to be all high-pitched and 2-sounding.  Tsuji, although I love her voice no matter how it sounds, wasn’t the same case.  She faked her high voice all the time.  Her real voice (think opposite of Takahashi Ai) is deeper and very mature sounding.  We can hear this in Southpaw (W), and none other than Shabondama. 

That “RANKINGU” she does is amazing (and in her natural voice).  For the longest time I thought projecthello.com was wrong in saying she did that line.  I was so sure it was someone like Nacchi, Yossie, or Mikitty.  But then I actually decided to sit through the PV (which I had never watched more than a few seconds of because I honestly hate it) and saw it was indeed Tsuji, and the lives showed it as well.  If I remember correctly, that’s the only time she does it in the song, but she still sounds amazing throughout the rest of it. 

A few singles later and it came to their graduation.  They were forming W!  It’s really no shock they formed a duo: they’re practically identical physically and vocally, and they blend amazingly.  I, unfortunately, never bought their graduation concert, so I can’t give a review of that… buuu D:

So I’ll skip to W times!  They started off with a cover single and a cover album, both of which are choc-full of amazingly addicting songs and beautiful vocals.  Their album especially shows off Tsuji’s real voice <3.  Then they dished out five more singles and another album, all of which kicked ass.  You know, scratch my sentence up there.  ALL W songs are amazingly addictive.  They also did some tour with Berryz, which I absolutely adore because I love W and I love Berryz.  🙂

And then…. Kago smokes.  What SINGER in their right mind smokes?  I mean, it kills your lungs!  And then you can’t sing anymore!  It was just a stupid and careless move.  So she gets suspended for a year.  During this year, Tsuji performs…. SOLO!  Her Uwasa no Sexy Guy at the Wonderful Hearts Summer 06 was really good, I love watching it (except every time I do, I remember her falling off of stage and breaking her leg, which I find absolutely hilarious).  She also performs solo at the 07 Winter concert, which was also amazing.  ❤

And then Kago comes back!  YAY!  Fans around the world were looking forward to W coming back together and releasing some new stuff.  …until she does it again.  As I said very first thing, she goes to a hot spring with her “cousin”, almost twice her age, and they spend the night together.  Hmmm… (Remember: hot springs=people nakers together)  Deciding this pedifile is indeed not her cousin, she gets fired.  Nice goin, Kago.  And then she runs away to the USA.  No more Kago~ (but Kago’s mommeh loves dishin out gossip on her~)

Soon after, Tsuji gets her first solo single!  Fans, depressed by Kago, now look forward to the other half of W finally moving on after a year and a half of nothing.  What does Tsuji do with this?  She gets knocked up.  Smooth, Tsuji.  So, she opts out of her play and the H!P Summer Concert.  Then she gets engaged and married.  I doubt we’ll be seeing Tsuji again in the entertainment industry for a long time, if ever again. 

Its really said that the trouble-making twins of Morning Musume had to go out to badly, but its nice to remember them during their golden years.  And don’t get me wrong in any of that, I absolutely adore the dumbest members of Momusu [;)], they just did some… *cough* dumb things. 

Anyway…!  I hope you enjoyed remembering them~ Comments are ‘preciated.  ^^  Til next time~

BTW, if you want to request me to write on any topic, I’d be glad to~



4 responses

10 10 2007

both of them(not much Kago) especially Tsuji puts on a ‘fake’ voice. I’ve also heard Kago with some deep voices in some songs it’s just that she’s more consistent.

one way to tell how far someone is ‘faking’ their voice is just hearing them speak and comparing it to them singing. Tsuji obviously has a major difference her voice is quite deepish but Kago’s it not that deep she doesn’t put sing on a completely different note to her voice.

listen to-カブトムシとクワガタ


also listen to -kakeguru seishun it same voices used in southpaw

Both of them can sing but Kago can just sing better she has the best vocals i’ve seen in the high-pitched depart of h!p and this kind of unquiness about her voice you can spot(maybe the sincereness you mentioned?). But then again I still think Reina’s singing sounds similar to Kago.

who knows maybe Tsuji was asked to sing in a high pitchy way to match up to Kago’s…

7 11 2007

does anyone kno when and where tsunko will have the next MM auditions?

8 11 2007

You can never really say until they happen. Tsunku kinda does them on a whim. They usually are about once a year or a year and a half, so probably sometime between this winter and spring he’ll hold auditions.

7 09 2008

Hello! Fellow fandubber here. Tsuji’s planning her comeback already, according to wikipedia, and she’ll be back in the fall.

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