Tokaikko Junjou

20 10 2007

Aaaaah! C-ute! My 2nd favorite H!P group (only next to Berryz) just came out with the most kick-ass H!P song in… a long time. I’ve really liked the past few H!P singles (Onna ni, Kokuhaku, Jama Uma, Shuri no Big Wave, Honto no Jibun, etc), but Tokaikko Junjou knocks them all out of the park (and for some reason I almost always type “Tokkaiko”).

First off: the cover. Damn. They look SO good in those outfits. And (H!P shocker here!), they’re pretty normal street clothes (not for their age, but in general). Starting at the left- Chisato. That hat is so damn cute. She looks really mature (as do all of them), and really looks c-ute. I have to disapprove of Saki wearing hooker pumps, but overall she looks a lot more mature than I’ve ever seen her before.

I love how Maimi has her leg up. XD;; She looks like she’s laying on a beach chair. As much as I love Airiin, that green dress is just… ew. All the other girls (save Maimai) are in red and black, and then Airiin’s green and brown. It clashes terribly. To save myself from sounding like a wota (no offense), Maimai is one of the best in the two covers. She can so rock a pair of jeans. Kanna’s boots are gross, but I love the rest of her outfit. She’s really c-ute. ><

And then there’s Erika. Erika is, without a doubt, the hottest of the girls. I mean, seriously! Why did this girl get no lines in the single?? She looks amazing! (And I really want her shoes…)

Okay. So enough about the cover. Sorry, I’m a fashion nut. XD;; Onto the PV/song!

The song is amazing. I’ve yet to hear the b-side, but I do have it. Tokaikko Junjou is the perfect mix of H!P and the rest of music. It’s a little edgy, but still C-ute at the same time. Tsunku did an awesome job on this one. I hope the upcoming Berryz single is this good!

I really like how the song starts with Maimi’s dialouge. She sounds so kakkoi~ And then it cuts to the dance. The dance is, along with the song, one of the best in H!P’s history. I can’t wait to learn it once the dance shot comes out. XD;; (Yes, I learn H!P dances.) I also really like the whole walking down the street thing. It must have sucked to not be able to drive to work on the day they shot the video, but it was worth it. :3

I don’t really understand Chisato’s baseball. Or why Maimi throws it later in the video. Or why Kanna jumps in a puddle. It doesn’t really make much sense when you have no idea what the lyrics are saying.

Since I don’t really have the patience to tear up the video, I’ll just summarize. I think the chorus doesn’t flow very well with the rest of the song, but I still like how it sounds. Maimi’s dialouges pwn the song. Airiin, as much as I love her, has way too many lines. Saki and Maimai blend amazingly, and I’m happy Saki got some lines for once! However, it’s really a shame Erika didn’t get any. Or Kanna. Or Chisato. I love how it starts in the morning, goes to dusk, and then night (and then dusk again?). The overall PV/song pwn, though.

Yay for summarized, half-assed reviews. Now I’ll go listen to Shiritsu Kyougaku!



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