Morning Musume and Super Junior

26 10 2007

Morning Musume All Singles Complete CoverSuper Junior's Comeback Album

Morning Musume

Momusu’s 10th Anniversary album (All Singles Complete ~10th Anniversary~) is coming out soon, and I’m definitely looking forward to it. I don’t really pay much attention to best of albums, since I’ve more than likely heard everything that’s on it. So when I first heard about the album, I sort of thought “whatever”. But then I saw the cover(s) and was completely hooked. I am a big fan of old Momusu, and LOVE Machine and Morning Coffee are two of my favorite older Morning Musume songs (I consider everything pre-6th Gen to be “old” ^^). They recreated the covers perfectly, even down to LOVE Machine’s horrible makeup and the mass of girls hugging on Morning Coffee. It all makes me really happy and nostalgic, so I can’t wait for this one to come out!

Super Junior

Today I went on another Super Junior spree. Every other week or so I just get some random urge to see Hee Chul, so I decide to watch some Suju videos. Today I spent about three hours gawking at him on various shows (yes, I listen to Suju for Hee Chul), a new record for me. But then I decided to re-watch the Don’t Don video. And something about it really struck me, for the first time, as “dang, their music is good, too!” (of course, I also liked U, but that was about it).
Something also about their new image reminds me of KAT-TUN… Is it just me?

And my long-time fantasy…

I don’t know if anybody else out there has thought of it, but every time I watch Suju (which is usually right after watching some Momusu), I always want to see them perform together. THE girl group in Japan and one of the most popular in Korea performing together… I think it’d be pretty awesome, and have for quite some time. Once again, am I the only one?

…so that was really random. Now I need to start writing my reviews for Shouri no BIG WAVE and Hontou no Jibun~



3 responses

26 10 2007

I definately agree with the Suju and Momusu idea.

30 04 2008

You know, that’d be pretty interesting.
Suju did something with the hot boy group DBSK.
Anything’s possible.

28 03 2010

YESSS~! i agree they should preform together! that would be awesome! and some of them look cute together~

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