In Which Tsukiki Fangirls Super Junior

30 11 2007

Oh my god.  I almost screamed when I found this website from another wordpress blog tag search today.  I have no idea what it is because I can’t read Korean, but what I did find, and it’s all that really matters, is Yesung, Leeteuk, and Sungmin of Super Junior in a magazine spread.  Yesung and Eeteuk are two of my favorite members.  So I was pretty much fanning myself to keep myself from passing out when I found these.

The pictures aren’t great quality and I think they’re just previews or something from what the other blog said, but dear Lord.  Read the rest of this entry »

Producer wa YOU! – Abe/Yajima Duet

30 11 2007

Well, I really wasn’t honestly expecting to like this single at all, as I am not a huge fan of either Abe Natsumi or Yajima Maimi. But after hearing the previews UFA has provided for voting purposes (both are here), I’m surprised to hear myself say that I really like this single so far. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve Thought About It…

29 11 2007

Alright. So I’ve finally processed the low Mikan sales. And I’ve come to the logical conclusion that so what? One low single isn’t going to kill Momusu.

Everyone’s noticed that Berryz and C-ute have outsold Momusu this time. That’s a good thing, everyone. I mean, it’s not good that Momusu sold poorly, but the H!P Kids seem to be the future of H!P, so their good sales are very promising. And with so much of them out on the market right now and wota only having so much money to splurge on H!P, I wouldn’t blame them for choosing Tokaikko Junjou or pre-ordering Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi instead.

One of the main things that I’ve come to is this: Read the rest of this entry »

Joining in the new debate: Mikan Marks a New All-Time Low for Momusu

28 11 2007

Wow.  I’m surprised.  Morning Musume’s 35th single, Mikan, debuted at number 6 on the weekly Oricon charts.  That’s really disappointing because pretty much everyone in the H!P blogosphere really liked this single and we were all so sure that it would sell so well.  As far as my knowledge goes, this is their first single ever to debut below the top 5 (discluding Ai no Tane and Morning Coffee).

Like Bikkuri Project, I’m not sure even what to think at this point.  I’m still amazed at the entire thing.  I’ll probably rant about this later, after I’ve had time to process this, think about it, and see what you all say first.

I mean… wow.  So much shock right now.

Welcome Aboard, Sugiura Noa!

27 11 2007

Its the super-idol baby! Ultraman star Sugiura Taiyo and ex-Morning Musume member Sugiura Nozomi (that’s right, she’s no longer Tsujiji) just had their lovely baby girl! I was really conflicted between this being an ultrababy (boy) or a musumebaby (girl), but in the end, its a girl regardless, and I’m still happy.

Even though Nono’s actions upset a lot of H!P Kids mommies, I think she did the right thing. Sure, she got knocked up, but at least she got married afterward. :3

I’m very excited to see how Noa grows up. There’s no doubt that she already has a contract with Up-Front. And she’s not even a day old. I’m sure that as soon as she can walk, they’ll have her in 24-hour dance lessons and as soon as she can talk, 24-hour singing lessons. She’ll probably be in Momusu or some other group by 12, as much as Nono would not like for that to happen (she said at a press conference that she wouldn’t mind her baby being in Momusu, but she’d rather that it wait until it was older so that it could complete its schooling, unlike herself).

Welcome to the Hello! Project family, Sugiura Noa! :3

*sniff* I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

24 11 2007

Today my blog broke 3,000 hits.  I know probably for most of you, that’s nothing, but it is to Kibum!  (If you’re not a SuJu fan, that’s reference to their movie, Attack on the Pin-Up boys where DongHae and Kibum are amazed that Kibum’s blog has 3k hits).  Today alone I got about 170, which again, may not be a ton to you, but that’s more than I’ve ever had in one day.

I really, really appreciate that you guys are reading and the few of you that comment.  <333  Especially because I have absolutely no writing talent (I’ve read over some of my stuff… its total crap compaired to everyone else) and foremost above all else that even though I voice some very strong and contradictory opinions that upset a LOT of you (ahaha all the hateful comments <3), you still come back and read more.  XD;;  I have no idea why, but thank you for doing so.

So please continue to visit me!  And once again, thank you sooooo so sos so much for your support!!!!!

H!P Kids Most Likely

21 11 2007

As I was doing dishes tonight (I was half-asleep), listening to some Berryz, it randomly popped into my head to do some “H!P Kids Most Likely” awards. A few came to mind while cleaning, but then a few were added. If you have any suggestions for catergories, please share. :3 I’ll probably just keep adding to this for a while. So here they are! I’ll try to be as un-biased as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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