Goto Maki leaves H!P

3 11 2007

It’s common knowledge now that Goto Maki left Hello! Project about a week ago on the final night of her fall tour. Most everyone who reads my blog and has read my earlier post on Gocchin have thought “Oh, Tsukiki’s probably happy she’s gone now.”

Contrary to popular belief, I am sad to see her go. She definitely was an amazing singer and she brought a lot of listeners to H!P. Although some part of me is glad to see her out of the H!P spotlight, I will support her wherever she goes from here, because from now on, I feel that we’ll be able to see who Gocchin really is, not who Up-Front made her (granted she does switch labels).

I am interested to see if she starts writing her own music or not, and seeing where she takes herself. Good luck Gocchin! Ganbatte ne! I’m supporting you!

(PS- I might seem to be contradicting myself here, but I realized I’ve never seen the real Gocchin, so I hope that I can support her now that she’ll be able to be her own person.)




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