Buono! (and Pabo?)

8 11 2007

I’ve been meaning to look over Honto no Jibun for a while now… I guess I’m a little late. I finally decided to do so because of their amazing first-week success! They’ve sold more than any other H!P Kids single. And, of course, I would expect no less, and these are the three of the most popular H!P Kids (Risako’s up there, too). Naturally, they were set to sell.

When the group was first announced, I was elated because Airiin and Miya are in my top three H!P Girls (only next to Niigaki Risa). I love Momo, too, (she’s in the top 10) just not as much. :3 But a part of me was also a little upset, because if you’ve read any of my past stuff, you’d know I really hate it when Tsunku gives one or two girls all the glory in H!P (i.e.- Takahashi Ai, Goto Maki, Sugaya Risako, etc). So I was dreading the release while looking very much forward to it all at the same time.

Honto no Jibun is the ideal anime song. Have you ever just been able to tell when a song was meant to be for an anime? Yeah, this is one of those (I also oddly got that vibe from Takahashi and the Girls’ upcoming single, Mikan), even though I personally thought it sounded more like an opening. The song is really upbeat, definitely a good dance track, and filled with H!P Kids goodness.

I’ve also watched what’s on youtube of Shugo Chara. It’s a really cute anime, and after watching a bit of it, the songs really do fit. Now, before I started watching, I had completely forgotten that Buono! was doing the opening, too. So when the opening to the anime came on, my reaction was “…wow, the actresses sound a lot like Buono… hey, that sounds a lot like Miya… and Momo… hmm… maybe I should check into this.” And sure enough… XD;; The opening somewhat reminds me of Perfume with its techno-ish sound. It’s another winner with me.

I was sort of hoping that Buono! would also voice the three Shugo Charas because in the opening and ending, they each portray one (i.e.- during Honto no Jibun, at Airiin’s “GANBARE!” part, the Heart Shugo Chara shouts it). However, much to my dismay, they do not. I hope some H!P Kids (other than Maimai!) get into anime soon, like the Momusu girls!

Oh… And do any of you remember Satodai Mai’s new group, Pabo, that was formed for the show she frequents, Quiz Hexagon? Yeah, I listened to them, too.

I was honestly sort of disturbed. I mean, this is a catchy song, but its a bunch of old women (they’re not really old, but I’m used to teenagers such as Momusu and Berryz and C-ute) dancing around in frilly BOXES, white gloves, and white gogo boots. Besides that, Mai’s hair is in PIGTAILS. I mean, seriously, what is she, Risako?? (Hint: Berryz Natsu 2005) And besides that, Mai’s voice is so painful to listen to. I like her real voice (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh7uGKToj4o), but this is just… ow. I mean, I love her personality and all that jazz, but that VOICE. I’m honestly surprised this single even made it onto the charts.

*ahem* Sorry, that might have been more of a rant than anything. I’m planning on reviewing Berryz’ newest DVD, Berryz Kyuuden soon! So that’ll probably be the next you hear of me unless another scandal (coughpleasetakahashicough) pops up. 🙂

Oyasumi ne~




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