Finally!! Mikan PV!

8 11 2007

Oh wow. The Mikan PV came out. If you read my review on the radio preview, you know that I was REALLY looking forward to this PV. I was originally planning to write a very hateful full review on it because of how much screentime Takahashi Ai would get, but I can’t. Honestly, even though she gets a ton of lines, there isn’t one thing I dislike about this PV. It’s a Momusu blast to the past. I love it so much, it’ll be hard to write without doing a total fangirl rant.

Okay. The outfits. It took me a while to figure out what they reminded me of. I knew they looked a lot like an old Momusu single, but I couldn’t remember. And then they were CGed onto the top of the world and it hit me. They pretty much re-created the Mr. Moonlight outfits, and Mr. Moonlight is one of my all-time favorite Momusu singles. I almost jumped out of my chair when I came to this realization. And not only do they have the outfits, but they also are featured on top of the world (Mr. Moonlight cover, below).

credits to

I honestly was almost crying by the end of the PV. This song (and its PV!) are by far my favorite Momusu single of all time. I thought I liked the past three singles the best, but this one just blows them all out of the park.

Something else about their image really works in here, too. They all really look like idols. Especially the 8th Gen girls (Aika, LinJun), who I’d have to say have never looked this much like idols. They all just seem to pop in this PV. I cannot WAIT to see a live of this (and I am thinkin about buying the DVD).

The setting for the PV is kind of futuristic, which is cool. I mean, I wasn’t expecting this to be what the PV was like, but I’m not at all disappointed. As I was watching it, so many things in the video reminded me of old Momusu. For example, they show pictures of the girls as little kids (now let’s all chorus in the “aaawww~”), which just screamed Furusato.

Okay. Onto the song.

Aika and Koharu have been getting a lot of attention lately. I really like that, especially since Aika’s fairly new, and Koharu’s proving she can be a singer (she can!!)! However, I am really disappointed that there were no LinJun solo lines!! D: They so got screwed over in this one.

The song itself, as I’ve said before, I really like. It reminds me of Koi ING and Koko ni Iruzee!, both of which I love. I really wish Gaki-san and LinJun had gotten the bridge, but you know, it’s not that bad. I still love it. The PV fits well.

Overall, there ends up not being a thing about the PV or song that I don’t like. I really was planning to attack it because of Takahashi’s number of lines, but I don’t mind that much anymore. This single gets a “A++++” with me, even if the b-side stinks (which it won’t!).

Here’s the PV (credits to Junjou News) for those of you who need to see it!!

EDIT: I’ve realized two things since posting this. One, is that this single is also a Momusu blast to the past because of the lyrics. I was able to see Mikan subbed (in Egao YES Idols’ review), and I realized the lyrics are filled with bright, happy lyrics, like Koko ni Iruzee!

The second thing shocked me as I realized it. After seeing the PV for this, I actually respect Takahashi Ai now. I can’t hate her anymore after this. I doubt I will ever really like her like I do LinJun, Gaki-san, Mittsi, or Koharu, but now every time I see her, it won’t be “EW TAKAHASHI SKIP THIS PART”. I can watch and listen to her now without throwing a fit. So… yay? I do believe this is a good thing, as she IS leader. I never EVER thought I would warm up to her, but then again, I didn’t really like I would ever like a PV/song this much. (Okay, ranting’s done now, sorry)




2 responses

10 11 2007

haha nice entry! glad you’re kind of warming up to Ai-chan now. =p

10 11 2007

Great entry! I never really like Aichan either…but in this PV, I really found myself liking her.

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