The Berryz Flop

12 11 2007

Oh man. I really thought I would love Berryz’ 15th single, Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi, but after the PV, I just… gah. It really, really disappointed me. Before I get to why I don’t like it, though, I’ll say what I do like about it.

First of all, they all look amazing. I especially love how they tried to make them like goddesses at the end, it looked really good. I loved the outfits, they were very elegant, but they didn’t fit too well with the song. I also liked that this song had a really classic Berryz feel in the music. And who could forget Chinami and her one-liners? So darn cute. But…

This PV was ALL Risako. It wasn’t a Berryz Koubou PV, it was a “Risako and the Berryz” PV. She was unquestionably the focus of attention–almost all the story shots were her, as they were very upsettingly in the PV for Kokuhaku Funsui no Hiroba as well. Honestly, doesn’t Tsunku know there are six OTHER girls in Berryz as well? I also felt that the PV didn’t fit the song very well. The song’s upbeat, but the PV seemed like it should have been for a ballad. Althought, as much as I dislike her, Risako did look very pretty.

I like how they’re all looking lately. Except Momo’s new hair. It’s shorter and boring and ew. Speaking of Momo, she really, really disappointed me in this single. On the Golden Week Compilation DVD, there seemed to be a hint of hope that Momo’s voice was finally going to mature, as she did sound a bit older during that concert. But then we come here and she sounds just as young as she did on Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai (1st Berryz single). Her voice is getting so much more painful to hear in Berryz because everyone else’s voices are maturing except hers. I mean, even cute lil Chinami’s voice is sounding more mature than Momo’s.

In the end, I really don’t like this PV, which is really weird, because I’ve never disliked anything to come from the H!P Kids. Ever. Except this. :/ I can only hope the next single is better, I suppose…

Here’s the PV for those of you who haven’t seen it yet:




One response

14 11 2007

Valid points all. But it’s hard to ignore that Risako has really developed into a looker; it appears she was made up to almost look like a Rika in this one. Yes, the song did not necessarily fit the wardrobe, but it was a zippy tune a la C-ute and nopt bad at all. Let’s face it, these girls are growing up fast, and even more changes are coming.

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