It’s Rankin Time.

14 11 2007

I finally re-found the American Wota Morning Musume Ranker after searching for it for about two weeks. So its time to dish out the rankings of my favorite current Morning Musume girls and why. Starting at the bottom.


Yeah, I respect Takahashi Ai now (post-Mikan), but I still don’t favor her. I don’t like her, but I don’t hate her. I still think she’s fake, but she’s a semi-talented singer and very pretty, I’ll give her that.


I’ve never been a big fan of Tanaka Reina. I think she really doesn’t have any singing talent, especially live, and she’s not all that cute (I like cute). She just really doesn’t hold any significance to me in Momusu. However, she definitely rakes in some cash, so I have to give her some credit.


Okay, why is Michishige Sayumi even IN Momusu? It’s a SINGING group, and it’s a well-known fact Sayumin CANNOT sing worth crap. Have you heard her solo Aruiteru? Ouch!! I’ll admit that she’s incredibly adorable, but that’s about it.


At first, Linlin was my favorite of the two Chinese girlies, but after Onna ni and the making of, Panda Bear (Junjun) won over my heart. Linlin’s cute and her Japanese is a heck of a lot better than Junjun’s, but her voice is painful to listen to. I don’t dislike her at all, but I don’t particularily like her, either.


Kamei Eri is such a gorgeous girl. After seeing Onna ni, I was like “…Wow, who’s this new girl??” I honestly hadn’t heard much of her until Onna ni when she got that nice solo on the bridge. She’s not the best Momusu singer, but she’s a darn cute one. She also has a cute personality. I didn’t like her much in earlier stuff, but now that she’s matured, it’s Eririn all around!! ❤


Honestly, a few months ago, Kusumi Koharu was my #1 Musume. I still like her a lot, just not as much. I love her idol look and her personality, that’s for sure. I’m also a big fan of Kirarin and a huge Kira*Pika fan. She’s also a pretty darn good dancer and only eight days younger than me is a win. However, she really isn’t such a good singer. Her voice is actually pretty painful to listen to. That’s the only thing I don’t like about her, and unfortunately, it’s probably one of the most important.


Oh my goodness. Junjun aka Panda Bear! She is one of the darnest cute things to ever walk into Momusu, AND she’s Chinese. I love how shy she was when she first joined, it was so cute! She’s an awesome singer and dancer, too. And that MC at Yossie’s graduation where she could hardly speak any Japanese at all? A.DOR.A.BLE. Who cares if she’s old enough to be subleader? Junjun has a lot of potentional. Even though she won’t be in Momusu as long because of her age, I still really look forward to see this girl develop as an idol. (And Mikan?? She’s so gorgeous!)


Dang this girl is adorable. Mitsui Aika is definitely one of my favorites. I liked her at first because of her age. She auditioned at the tender age of 12. She pulled off Furusato at 12 (waddya say to that, Koharu?). I also really liked her at first because she got what so few new members do–a nice number of lines. In fact, she’s had some nice solo lines on all four of the singles she’s been on. I love that. On the Egao making of, she was so nervous–it was one of the most adorable things ever (I told you, I like cute!!). She also did a solo Osaka Koi no Uta on the Hawaii Fan Club Tour flawlessly. I was shocked, especially because she was new and young. There really isn’t anything I dislike about Mittsi. Critisize her all you want, but she’s gonna be a huge star in a few years or less.





Niigaki Risa!!! I didn’t really like her at all until just a few months ago. To me, she was still that little girl wearing those horrible pigtails for years. But then when she became subleader, I finally sat down and said “Okay. Time to get to know Risa more.” and I fell in love. She is so gorgeous and so fit to be leader (I can’t wait for Takahashi to get into a scandal and make Risa leader!!). She’s also a really talented singer (have you heard her Furusato’s from a few years ago?? amazing!!) and dancer. She has the perfect idol persona–funny, pretty, she can be both sexy and cute (Onna ni/Kanashimi and Shouri no BIG WAVE!! respectively), and can take beautiful pictures (Alo Hello!!). I have no idea what’s wrong in the heads of the Gaki-san haters. Seriously. What is there NOT to like??

Well, there is is. :3 Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but it’s just my opinions. Oh! And I also ranked the H!P Kids because I love them all so much (explanations may come later).



















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15 11 2007
15 11 2007

Wow. Nice breakdown. I’ve always been suspicious of Aichan’s cocky and somewhat conceited demeanor, but you can’t deny the talent. I think she has a pretty big voice, but not strong enough to fill he Yossi-Miki gap. Reina’s not bad, though, and becoming a better soloist. Yes, JunJun grows on you after a while. The shortage now is of big voices, solo voices. I’m not sure anyone can step in right now and do a big solo for Morning Musume. Someone woill have to step up. Eri? Kusumi is in a strange category and can’t be counted as a real soloist. Frankly, the killer soloists are in C-ute (Suzuki) and Berryz (Miyabi). Otherwise, there’a a dearth.

16 11 2007

Idols =/= singers. And that’s all I have to say to that. XD

1 12 2007

I know this is late, but I only just found your blog!

We have very similar Momusu tastes (Gaki-san, Aika and Junjun x]!) but Reina and Koharu should be swapped. Now. >.>

I even did the whole H!P ranking, Past and Present members of all time. Gaki-san and Maiha were tied first. And Airi was still on the bottom. Even after the Hawaiin girls. xD

1 12 2007

Woah. Airiin hatred /=/ bueno. XD;;

And… I don’t really like Reina, so… XD;;

When I did that ranking (good LORD it took me like 2 HOURS!) It was like Gaki-san, Miyabi, and then Airi. XD;;

7 12 2007

You like Chinami more whan Maasa? Maasa is like uber cool! I agree with you on the whole Risako thing. She jailbait (well, their all jailbait, but she’s the youngest) and yet she has all those 40 year onld otakus falling all over her! She’s not even that great of a singer (Miyabi has the bestest voice)

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