The Future of Morning Musume

17 11 2007

Everyone’s been posting their ideas for Morning Musume’s future lately, and I personally have had a few ideas running through my head. I smooshed a few of my ideas and expanded the ideas of a few others to create what I think should happen to Momusu. Now, nothing is inevitable, and nothing is predictable, but spectulation can never hurt.

First thing’s first: Takahashi Ai has to go. I don’t care if she forms a new unit (like Yossie) or becomes a solo artist, but she’s holding back Momusu right now. It’s been said before: Takitty is the only thing holding them back. She’s the last member, really, right now, that’s holding them back on to the “Golden Age”. Yes, Gaki-san’s in 5th generation, too, but she’s changed so much since joining that she can take the group to new places. Niigaki Risa, because she’s changed herself, help change Momusu, which needs to happen (I’ll get into that in a minute). Not only that, but Takahashi Ai is not ready to be leader. She was surprisingly thrown into the position after a series of unfortunate events (haha pun). It was made obvious in Onna ni Sachi Are that she’s not ready yet. Mikan seemed a bit more hopeful for her as leader, but it’d take a really long time for her to get used to being leader and really grasp the position (we’re talking Kaoriin-long), and Momusu just doesn’t have the time to wait for her. They have to start now.

With Takahashi Ai gone, Niigaki Risa would rightfully take the place as leader. And she is so ready. Technically, age-wise, our own Panda (Junjun) would be subleader, but I highly doubt that would happen. Highly. As I said before, Niigaki Risa has changed so much since she’s joined. She started as this akward pig-tailed girl who really contributed nothing into a beautiful singer and idol. She’s the perfect leader for a change in Momusu.

But why does Momusu need to change? I think the numbers are obvious. Other popular artist (5QUEENS, Johnny’s) are selling hundreds of thousands, something Momusu can only reminice about. They’re only audience are now wota (no offense), and that really needs to change. Face the facts, wota are looked down upon by Japanese society, and because of H!P’s legions of wota, they’re looked down upon. People don’t want to mess with them, whether that’s attending concerts or buying singles/albums. Therefore, Momusu needs to take a new direction in their music. They need to stop trying to head back to the “Golden Age” (Mikan, anyone?) and step forward. It’s time for a new sound–a sound that sells to a new audience. (Like… Tokaikko Junjou, the single that got C-ute nominated nationally for a musical award?)

Also, has anyone else but me noticed, that with Yossie and Mikitty gone, there’s no variety in Momusu anymore. There’s no longer a member for everyone to relate to. The mature girls are gone. We’re left with nine of the exact same idol personalities. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but look at the top-selling artists and see if any of them sound anything like Momusu. Now, it would be bad for Momusu to totally conform to popular demand, but change is good. This is why I’m anticipating 9th Gen. I’m really, really hoping that we get some older (16/17 ish), more mature-sounding and acting girls in there. Momusu needs variety.

Also, I think that if Tsunku plans to expand into Asia, that he needs to start doing that. Sure, performances and appearances here and there are an okay start, but the year’s almost up and we’re hardly getting anywhere. How about learning something from SM’s DBSK? They expanded into Japan from Korea and they’re doing extremely well in both countries. I’d suggest that, since right now we only have Chinese girls to work with, that we have Junjun and Linlin lead on some Chinese singles. Yes. Chinese singles. If you want to expand into Asia, do it the right way: learn their language and release in their country. Don’t make them come to Japan. Idols serve their fans. Not visa versa.

In the end, some serious changes need to be made. Momusu is heading down. Fast. Tsunku needs to wake up, smell the coffee, and get his butt into action. Just writing singles isn’t enough anymore, Mr. Magic. Time to get going.




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18 11 2007

Talk about overkill. Getting rid of Aichan? Hmm. Morning Musume heading down? I didn’t see any evidence of that in the July 29 H!P extravaganza; the new Chinese duo of LinLin and JunJun fill Miki and Yossi’s shoes quite well. Yossi is even more sensational with Gatas and the other shuffles. Miki should rebound with GAM and solo work in due time. I like change when it makes things more interesting. Morning Musume is just entering another phase of greatness.

21 11 2007

no proof there going down hill ? lewl

He says he should’ve graduated everyone last year when he had the chance. Now he feels “stuck” with them. He says that singles are only selling 50K whereas Love Machine sold a million[this is true for like every artist now though]. He said there’s no personality in the group anymore. And he said that with HaroMoni@ the girls can walk in the streets of Tokyo all they want but if it were the Golden Era Musume, they wouldn’t be able to[the girls have bodyguards inHaroMoni@ though…]. He says he also called Konno back personally, and wants Tsuji back next year cause he can’t afford to lose them.

this is what a newspaper in japan published with interview with tsunku.

musume suck lately. end of

22 11 2007

Not every artist is selling that little. I mean, Johnny’s group KAT-TUN (just for an example) sells about 200,000 per single. And popular Avex artists often break 100,000. And that is my point.

22 11 2007

WOW you’re annoying. takitty leaving and niigaki being leader? sounds like a fanboy’s fantasy lol

22 11 2007

“With the success of Kanashimi Twilight, on May 1, 2007 Morning Musume became the Best Selling Female Group in Japan with 11,085,000 copies sold—their fifth Oricon record. The achievement surpasses the previous record set by Pink Lady of 11,037,000 copies sold.”

Doesn’t sound like a group that’s headed downhill to me.

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