H!P Kids Most Likely

21 11 2007

As I was doing dishes tonight (I was half-asleep), listening to some Berryz, it randomly popped into my head to do some “H!P Kids Most Likely” awards. A few came to mind while cleaning, but then a few were added. If you have any suggestions for catergories, please share. :3 I’ll probably just keep adding to this for a while. So here they are! I’ll try to be as un-biased as possible.

Most Likely to Have a Solo Career

With her new duet with Nacchi coming up and her amazing solo song on C-ute’s minialbum, I have no doubt that Yajima Maimi will be the first H!P Kid soloist.

Most Likely to Join Morning Musume

I think Natsuyaki Miyabi has the perfect Momusu image and voice, so if the H!P Kids were to ever team up with Momusu, I’m sure she’d be at the front of the line.

Most Likely to Revive an Old Group

(By an old group, I mean something like Aa!, Minimoni, Tanpopo, etc) With having been in so many subgroups and oneshot projects before, I think Suzuki Airi would be the perfect candidate to revive an old H!P group, especially since her popularity would sell it.

Most Likely to Get in a Scandal

Before I get into any more, google image Risako’s name. 666. That’s a sign. Anyway. I think if any H!P Kid were to get in a scandal, it’d be Sugaya Risako. I mean, she was already shot at once (Friday, no surprise). And if we compare her to C-ute’s old Murata Megumi, there are a ton of similarities, as they were both one of the most publicized girls of their groups and both had a huge fanbase. But Megumi got in a scandal and left H!P promtly. Hmmm… Risako better stay on her toes.

Most Likely to End up like Gocchin (Image Dep.)

Come on, it’s a common fact that Umeda Erika is a sexpot (I can say this with dignity as a fangirl). Goto Maki is a sexpot. End of story.

Most Likely to End Up like Gocchin (Everything else)

By this one, I mean overworked like Gocchin and wanting to take control of her music. This would be Suzuki Airi. She’s been worked like a dog since she was like 8 years old, and her work is only getting piled up higher and higher. Sooner or later she’s going to break, like Gocchin.

Most Likely to Become a Lead Singer (Berryz)

Tokunaga Chinami has been getting little hints of more lines than the other Berryz nonleads (Maasa, Chinami, Saki), with her one-liners in VERY BEAUTY and Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi (and her verse in Kokuhaku Funsui no Hiroba). I have hope that if one of the lead singers were to get bagged in Berryz, she’d take their place.

Most Likely to Become a Lead Singer (C-ute)

Bokura no Kagayaki anyone? Okai Chisato has an amazing voice, and if the opportunity were to come, as much as I’d love for it to be Umeda Erika, Chisato would be the one to be C-ute’s next lead (WHY SAKI? SHE CAN’T SING).

Most Likely to be in a Drama

Sugaya Risako’s a good actress, I’ll give her that. I loved her in Hotaru no Hoshi, so she’d no doubt be great in a drama.

Most Likely to get their own Anime

Tsugunaga Momoko has a very enthusiatic and cute voice, which is most of what we find in animes today. I think she’d kill in one.
That’s pretty much all I have for now. It’s late and my brain’s kinda crap. So if you have any more suggestions, please let me know! :3




4 responses

23 11 2007
Kuri {♥}

I agree on most counts, but I don’t think Chisato’ll ever be a lead singer…

She has a voice like Mikitty, but her looks aren’t marketable enough to be a lead. I hate Maimi’s voice, but she’s at least PRETTY. Chisato’s cute in a funky way. Like a shiztsu dog or whatever.

I’m done :3

24 11 2007

I can totally imagine Momoko getting her own anime. It would probably be a preteen craze, just like Kirari Revolution.

I wish Chinami would be a lead singer, but I don’t think she ever will, honestly 😦

25 11 2007

If Erika ends up like Gocchin (well minus the leaving part ;p) I’d be so happy! Have to agree she’s definitely a sexpot!

12 03 2011

so cute girls

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