*sniff* I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

24 11 2007

Today my blog broke 3,000 hits.  I know probably for most of you, that’s nothing, but it is to Kibum!  (If you’re not a SuJu fan, that’s reference to their movie, Attack on the Pin-Up boys where DongHae and Kibum are amazed that Kibum’s blog has 3k hits).  Today alone I got about 170, which again, may not be a ton to you, but that’s more than I’ve ever had in one day.

I really, really appreciate that you guys are reading and the few of you that comment.  <333  Especially because I have absolutely no writing talent (I’ve read over some of my stuff… its total crap compaired to everyone else) and foremost above all else that even though I voice some very strong and contradictory opinions that upset a LOT of you (ahaha all the hateful comments <3), you still come back and read more.  XD;;  I have no idea why, but thank you for doing so.

So please continue to visit me!  And once again, thank you sooooo so sos so much for your support!!!!!



One response

27 11 2007

i love ur site

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