Welcome Aboard, Sugiura Noa!

27 11 2007

Its the super-idol baby! Ultraman star Sugiura Taiyo and ex-Morning Musume member Sugiura Nozomi (that’s right, she’s no longer Tsujiji) just had their lovely baby girl! I was really conflicted between this being an ultrababy (boy) or a musumebaby (girl), but in the end, its a girl regardless, and I’m still happy.

Even though Nono’s actions upset a lot of H!P Kids mommies, I think she did the right thing. Sure, she got knocked up, but at least she got married afterward. :3

I’m very excited to see how Noa grows up. There’s no doubt that she already has a contract with Up-Front. And she’s not even a day old. I’m sure that as soon as she can walk, they’ll have her in 24-hour dance lessons and as soon as she can talk, 24-hour singing lessons. She’ll probably be in Momusu or some other group by 12, as much as Nono would not like for that to happen (she said at a press conference that she wouldn’t mind her baby being in Momusu, but she’d rather that it wait until it was older so that it could complete its schooling, unlike herself).

Welcome to the Hello! Project family, Sugiura Noa! :3



2 responses

31 07 2011

BS. I know this was awhile ago, but no one should have to get married just ’cause they got knocked up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Taiyo divorce by 2014, anyway. I’ll place my bets.

12 01 2012

I agree to an extent, but it’s more responsible that not getting married at all or raising the child single.

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