Joining in the new debate: Mikan Marks a New All-Time Low for Momusu

28 11 2007

Wow.  I’m surprised.  Morning Musume’s 35th single, Mikan, debuted at number 6 on the weekly Oricon charts.  That’s really disappointing because pretty much everyone in the H!P blogosphere really liked this single and we were all so sure that it would sell so well.  As far as my knowledge goes, this is their first single ever to debut below the top 5 (discluding Ai no Tane and Morning Coffee).

Like Bikkuri Project, I’m not sure even what to think at this point.  I’m still amazed at the entire thing.  I’ll probably rant about this later, after I’ve had time to process this, think about it, and see what you all say first.

I mean… wow.  So much shock right now.




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29 11 2007
International Wota » Blog Archive » [Blogs] Very Beauty Confused By Mikan Sales

[…] Joining in the new debate: Mikan Marks a New All-Time Low for Momusu […]

29 11 2007

This is the dark side of success currently being enjoyed by Berryz Kobo and C-ute. If I had to chhoose between Mikan and C-ute’s latest single, I would probably go with C-ute. There is but a finite amount of cash out there for CDs and DVDs.

29 11 2007

I’m going against the grain here but it didn’t surprise me that Mikan did so badly as it’s not really all that good – certainly not up to the high standards of Morning Musume’s last 2 singles.

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