In Which Tsukiki Fangirls Super Junior

30 11 2007

Oh my god.  I almost screamed when I found this website from another wordpress blog tag search today.  I have no idea what it is because I can’t read Korean, but what I did find, and it’s all that really matters, is Yesung, Leeteuk, and Sungmin of Super Junior in a magazine spread.  Yesung and Eeteuk are two of my favorite members.  So I was pretty much fanning myself to keep myself from passing out when I found these.

The pictures aren’t great quality and I think they’re just previews or something from what the other blog said, but dear Lord. 

Yesung, SMEXY!Eeteuk, Sungmin

Eeteuk in that picture… good Lord.  I’m about to pass out.   I don’t know if I’m allowed to repost these or not, so I’ll save myself from more squealing and let you click the link to find them yourselves.  But beware, if you’re a crazed fangirl like I am: make sure you have some way to keep yourself from passing out.  Extreme sexiness ahead.





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30 11 2007


11 12 2008

thanks for the picture,,, nice site,, please come to my site too….

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