Producer wa YOU! – Abe/Yajima Duet

30 11 2007

Well, I really wasn’t honestly expecting to like this single at all, as I am not a huge fan of either Abe Natsumi or Yajima Maimi. But after hearing the previews UFA has provided for voting purposes (both are here), I’m surprised to hear myself say that I really like this single so far.

I definitely like 16sai no Koi Nante better, which I’m also surprised by because I haven’t liked any of Nacchi’s “__sai blah blah” songs before. I think what really caught me was 1.) it’s catchy! I’ve made it known before that I really like catchy songs. And 2.) Harmonies! I love harmonies. I was expecting Nacchi to do all of them, and I was prepared to not like that, but then Maimi did some and I was like “Wow! This sounds really neat!”

I also don’t usually like ballads, so I was equally surprised when I found myself enjoying Watashi no Koibito na No ni. Their voices sound really nice together, I think Tsunku or UFW or whoever decided to pair them up should get a pay raise.

And I just wanted to throw something else in: I highly, highly doubt that this is a new unit, rather, just a collaboration. If it was a new unit, it would have been announced along with the single or even before. So I wouldn’t get my hopes too high up if I were you.

Nonetheless, if you’re in Japan, you should definitely vote! I wish I could, but unfortunately, I’m stuck in the States. D:




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