Only 13? This sounds a little ridiculous to me…

6 12 2007

I’m writing a lot about SuJu lately. :3 I love them~~ <33 Anyway. I wasn’t planning on writing on this particular topic, but I’ve just seen more and more elves complaining about it lately, so I’m like “GARGH.” The issue is SM totally screwing over Super Junior saying all this different stuff about none other than Henry Lau. As much as I seriously hate SM for just being assholes about this and not giving us any “this is final” information, honestly, what is the big deal about adding a 14th member?

I guess it’s not as big of a deal to me because I’ve been a Morning Musume fan for a long time, and they add new members all the time. But really, is a 14th member of Super Junior such a big deal? I’m gonna tackle the main issues that I’ve seen in the complaints. If you have another one, I’d love to tackle it, too.

1. It’s not going to break up their friendships or anything. Everyone’s like “OMG. THEY’RE GONNA GET RUINED! THEY’RE SO HAPPY WITH 13 AND THEY’RE ALL REALLY CLOSE!!! 14TH MEMBER WILL KILL THAT!!!!” …How? Just because you make a new friend doesn’t mean you have to loose all your old friends. Adding a 14th member will just mean more love to go around~! Some of the members of Super Junior have already said that they don’t mind a 14th member (Yesung, Eeteuk, Heechul, and a couple others…), so why should you? If they’re okay with it, you should be okay with it.

2. Uhm, did everyone forget about this kid?

SuJu's youngest--KyuHyun

Yeah. KyuHyun. He was added to the group after they released their first album. And has he totally destroyed Super Junior? No! He’s made it much better, and Kyu has a huge fanbase. He’s so adorable and so well-loved, I mean, how could you not love him? (Besides his lips… those irk me…) Henry is extremely smexy, which means, hey, he’d fit amazingly in with SuJu (alongside Cinderella, ShiWon, and YeSung :3).

3. “ZOMG SUJU CHINA! ITS GONNA SPLIT THEM ALL UP!” Uhm, once again, hello? Anyone forget these:

Super Junior K.R.Y. - KyuHyun, RyeoWook, YeSung

Yeah, Super Junior K.R.Y. and Super Junior T. Did they split up SuJu? No. So why would Super Junior China (currently HanKyung and Henry Lau) be any different? It’s a way to expand SuJu into China. Hannie and ShiWon are already very popular in China (I speculate that ShiWon will be added to SuJu China, too), and they’re there often away from the rest of the group. But has that split them up? No.

Oh, and about K.R.Y., it has Kyu in it. And remember, Kyu was added to the group after their debut? Yeah. Him being in a subgroup didn’t split up SuJu. See? Nothing to worry about.

4. “SM IS GONNA MAKE THEM A PROJECT GROUP NOW OMGWTFSTFUBBQ.” Yeah… did adding Kyu do that? No. I have to admit, this is the one that has me thinking the most, because it is a possibility, but honestly elves, do you expect them to stay together forever? I mean, 13 is a huge number, and they don’t all get along perfectly. And then there’s their ages. Eeteuk and Cinderella are already 25. Usually in the Asian idol world, that’s too old, and its surprising that they’re still in an idol group.

I’m not saying I want them to split up or disband or anything. I really love Super Junior and I wish they could stay together forever. But that’s just not realistic. They’re gonna have to split sometime. Or become a project group and start switching out members every once in a while if they want Super Junior to live forever (10 years of Morning Musume, anyone?).

So the bottom line is. Henry’s not a nuclear bomb on Super Junior. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like it. And if he is added to SuJu, which I really think he won’t in the end, so what? Suck it up and support them as always~! (But don’t support SM. @_@;; I wish there was some way to support SuJu and not SM because I really hate them like I hate UFA, but that, like UFA, seems impossible.)




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6 12 2007

*Nods Head* I completely agree with ya!

SuJu China fighting!

7 12 2007

thank god someone said something. lol

8 12 2007

You comment on my fics and I comment on your site, YAY. XDDDDDD
Honestly, I haven’t made a post like this on my site for two reasons. One, it’s so tiring going over this whole debate over and over again. And two, I don’t want to get attacked by people who disagree with me.
The whole “Only 13” thing pisses me off. The ELFs protesting, SERIOUSLY, do they have NOTHING better to do but go sit outside an SM building holding up signs all day? Go do your homework! Go protest world hunger or something! Seriously, it bothers me. But beyond that…the whole thing with everyone going crazy over it is just so frustrating. I go to my favourite fandoms to escape from everyday stress, not to find *more* stress. While a new Don’t Don perf was showing up on Youtube every day and Suju were starting to have more success than ever, everyone was going “OMG ONLY 13 BLAHHHHHHHHHH” and it pissed me off. I’m really glad things have sufficiently calmed down now.
I think Henry’s great. I may be biased because he’s from my city and I’m basically connected to him through a million different people I know, but I don’t know him personally, so that bias can only go so far. I can see the points that both sides of this debate have, and ultimately, I’m not going to take a particular stance, but the “Only 13” stuff does frustrate me, and my initial reaction to Suju China wasn’t so much “WTF NOOOO” as just “nani?” But at the time I thought Henry didn’t speak Chinese, so yeah. XD
Um…I’m too tired to say any more about this now. XD
On a random note, if you Google “Henry Lau Super Junior,” my site is like the second result. XD All these classmates and friends of his have commented on my entry about him, and it’s really amusing.

8 12 2007

I just got into to SuJu when this whole controversy was starting, so it was definitely confusing at first, though now it’s less. I like Henry, actually, though it means there’s more members to remember! Boys are harder to remember than girls! xD

And what is a project group exactly?

8 12 2007

Morning Musume is a project group–where they graduate and add new members.

29 01 2008

Hee chul is sey so is henry and Eeteuk i love all of super junior they are the best!. super junior should beable to have as many members as they want.

29 01 2008

Hee chul is sexy so is henry and Eeteuk i love all of super junior they are the best!. super junior should beable to have as many members as they want. i spelled sexy wrong

16 04 2008

can you tell me pls where I can find pics of kyuhyung cause on google you don’t find a lot …thank you 😀

20 07 2008

hey i’m really confused..
so what is the difference between SM and super junior??
sorry i dont live in asia so i dont get the goss..
australia gets told nothing!
thanks !

20 07 2008

SM (Soo Man) Entertainment is the company that owns the band Super Junior.

6 09 2008

Finally! A brain in SuJu fanbase! I only recently got into SuJu, but I learn pretty quickly. The hype, gossip, etc, all of it. What’s so bad about Henry? That boy is kick-ass on the violin and I’ll respect anyone who can rock out on that beautiful instrument. Not to mention, if he CAN speak Chinese, then he’s going to only help further the fanbase. I don’t think it’ll be to long until they get a Japanese boy in there! As long as they are cute and they can sing, to hell with the numbers! Now, I don’t quite understand this whole Korean fanclub thing, since in America, it really doesn’t matter whether or not you like a band–you definitely don’t get these weird perks or anything. Korean fangirls, many as I know them, and much as I love them, are seriously insaniac when it comes to bands they love. Lay off it and just love it, girls (and boys?). AND GO TO SCHOOL AND STUDY! Don’t friggin’ sit out an protest a f#@#$ band! Geezus! Whenever I choose protesting over study, I’m out holding signs for AIDS Awareness, Gay Marriage Rights, Breast Cancer Aid, and WORLD HUNGER!!!, not “OMG! 13 MEMBERS ONLY!”. Get a life! SuJu is just a cog in the wheel!

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