Top! Part 1- Berryz Koubou Songs

8 12 2007

Because there’s not too much H!P news lately, I’m going start making Top 10 lists. Like, my top 10 favorite H!P members, top 10 songs lists for every artist I listen to (XDDD), top 10 artists, etc. I’ll be doing this when I have nothing else to write about. (aka I’m bored) So here’s part one! Berryz Koubou songs!

10. Yume de Do Up!

This is one of those songs that I’m probably the only person who even knows what it is. Yume de Do Up! is the b-side to Berryz’ 7th single, Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteru YOU KNOW? I love how simple this song is and its really catchy. But what I love the most about it is that it’s the only Berryz song where the girls do their own harmonies. It’s only on two lines, but I love it sooo much~ They recently performed this at their Berryz Kyuuden tour, and it was so cute and the performance was flawless. This song had to be in my top 10 somehow. It makes you feel like you can just float away~

9. Himistu no

Another b-side~ This is the b-side to 21ji Made no Cinderella. I love how both songs on that single are about princesses in one way or another. Anyway. I love this song because it really shows of their vocal skills on the chorus. I mean, those are some hard notes to reach, and they do it perfectly. I got addicted to this song for like two weeks and couldn’t stop listening to it. And we get to hear all of the Berryz sing, not just Risako and Natsu-chu. That’s always a plus. :]

8. Sabori

This is one of the tracks on Berryz’ second album. The melody always makes me think of Christmas, which is why I’ve been listening to it so much lately! The lyrics and the melody don’t fit at all, but it still sounds nice, and I love that Chinami got the opening chorus. She’s so damn cute. This song also flaunts some vocal skills, but I’m pretty sure its just Risako and Natsu-chu who get the vocally demanding lines. Either way, I still love it, and once again, we get to hear everyone, unlike most singles.

7. Passion E-CHA E-CHA

I seem to have a pattern of b-sides here… This song is the b-side so Berryz’ 5th, Koi no Jubaku. I love that is has that classic 50’s pop feel that you get from other songs like Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND and Sprinter!. Tsunku’s parts on this song just make me crack up because of the way he pronounces them (like he has a mouth full of cotton). I never get tired of hearing this song because its so upbeat and fun to listen to.

6. Sprinter!

There’s no way I could not love this song to death. It’s a duet between my favorite Berryz, Natsu-chu, and the leader, Sakitan, from Berryz’ 4th album. Like Passion E-CHA E-CHA, I really love the 50’s feel to it. And the “RABURII RABU RABU RABURII YUUU~”s are extremely addictive to listen to.

5. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai

Berryz definitely debuted on the right note. I think what I love the most about this song are the ad-libs and the hip-hop feel. I strongly detest the outfits those poor girls were forced to wear for it, but the song is amazing. And it showed off their amazing vocal ability right from the start. I like how this is probably the only a-side of Berryz where everyone gets a solo line. And it seems they tried to give Maasa a chance as a lead or something? I’m not sure, but she pwned this song, along with Natsu-chu.

4. Special Generation

This is one of the catchiest Berryz’ songs ever. There’s not really much to say about this–to justify why I like it. The dance is amazing, the song is addictive. What’s not to like?

3. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba

This is my song. Seriously. I swear that Tsunku wrote this song for me. The lyrics fit the past two months of my life so perfectly that it sort of scares me. I like that its pretty much Berryz’ only a-side ballad and Saki and Maasa got big solos (but where’s my Chinami??). The only reason this is not my number 1 song is because it’s waaaaaay to Risako-centric. The PV, the song, everything. Ew.

2. Sayonara Hageshiki Koi

This. Should have been a single. With Sakura->Nyuugakushiki as the b-side. Or the opening track to Berryz’ 4th album, at least. It’s awesome in every definition of the word. If you’ve read my previous entries, you know I really love catchy songs, and this song is very catchy. I love Saki’s “woah wow woah”s, too. The only thing I dislike is Risako. Period.
1. Sakura wa Raku sa

I cannot believe this wasn’t released as a single. It is such an amazing song. I got addicted to this song for about a month. Usually I get sick of a song after that. I didn’t with this one. Momo’s voice is perfect for the “SAKURA WA RAKU”s. And the best part is: IT’S NOT RISAKO-CENTRIC. Chinami gets a ton of lines. And I love Chinami. And who could not love a song that has “LOVE ME CRAZY BABY” repeated over and over? I mean, seriously. That is the best line, ever.

Other Berryz songs that I love but didn’t make it on here:

Gaki Taishou– This song was the only reason I ever cared about VERY BEAUTY.  In fact, I hated VERY BEAUTY for a really long time until it finally grew on me.  I still like its b-side 273827198 times better.  I get the same vibe from it that I get from Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND, Sprinter!, and Passion E-CHA E-CHA.

Suhada PICHI PICHI- Haha… yet another b-side.  This is probably the most energetic Berryz song there is.  It makes me want to jump up and down whenever I hear it.

BERRY FIELDS– I love how simple this song is.  It’s like, the same three verses repeated over and over for three minutes.  And its *cough* another b-side.  I didn’t really like it much at first, but it grew on me a lot after seeing it performed at Maiha’s graduation concert (which was the saddest thing ever).

Nicchoku ~Geinoujin no Kaiwa~ – I was afraid to listen to this song for about a year because I thought it would be a ballad like so many other songs on Berryz’ first album.  But I finally listened to it when Miyabi, Maasa, and I think Saki performed it at the Berryz’ Sakura Mankai tour (I think), and  I loved it.

And the last one, I promise.

Joshi Basket-bu ~Asaren Atta Hi no Kamigata~ – This is one of the best Berryz songs ever.  The skit they did with it way back when was amazing and fit so well.  And dancing to a song with a basketball is love.  Period.

So… I have a thing for Berryz’ b-sides.  That’s mainly because I’ll love their a-sides, listen to them non-stop for half a year, then get so sick of them that I can’t even listen to them anymore.  That’s where the b-sides come in.  ;]  And I don’t really like ballads, so I usually skip over those on the albums… hence why Sabori is the only one I care about.  I bet half of you don’t even know most of those songs.  You should go listen to them.  They’re amazing.




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10 12 2007
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10 12 2007

Bonus points for you for including Yume de Do Up in your top 10! That song is ridiculously catchy. (Hell, according to, it’s the Berryz song I’ve listened to the most!)

10 12 2007

“I still like its b-side 273827198 times better.”

Where did you get this number. 🙂

I think that Berryz have the best b-sides ever, I love almost all of them. My favourites must be Passion E-CHA E-CHA, Koishiteru Toki wo Itsumo, Mitmitsu no and Yome de Do Up!. They’re all great. The 50’s songs are also my favourites, Sprinter! is an awesome song! We have pretty similar tastes in Berryz Koubou’s music, I like all the songs that you listed a LOT.

Berryz don’t have any single bad song. At least I can’t think of one.

15 12 2007

I love Yume de Do Up ^^

25 01 2008
amy san

All those r very good songs but what about PIRIRI TO YUKOU!!!!! it’s the first song i ever herd from them and i was obsessed with it for months!!!!!!!

13 07 2008

Waha I can’t believe that Koi No Jubaku Isn’t in your top 10! =$
Hehe. My personal favs are Special Generation, Munasawagi Scarlet, Koi No Jubaku, Jiriri Kiteru and very beauty! I totally agree on all the b-sides though, they are very good ^_^

25 01 2009

Special Generation

This song is so cool. Yurina looks fascinating . She looks so beautiful and all
the other members, well they always look like that, those cool dance steps that make their song more beautiful and lively.This is the first song who makes me know more about them, more curious about them.

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