In Which Tsukiki Ogles at Super Junior Even More…

9 12 2007

I can’t stop myself from oggling at these boys. They’re so damn attractive. XD;; Anyway, a friend of mine (here) who posts SuJu news like 24/7, upped some pictured of the third repackaging of SuJu’s comeback album, Don’t Don. (Seriously, THIRD repackaging?!?!) I saw the making of of this, but I didn’t see them each enough. So I was pretty happy to see this. And I found myself squealing. Yes. Squealing.

Here are the images~

Sooo~ I’m gonna comment on the ones I care about.

First is the leader~ Eeteuk!! The first one of him… is pretty bad. His tattoo looks very misplaced… in fact, everything looks very misplaced. The necklace, the weird thing of hair coming out of nowhere, the random whole in his shirt. Its bad. But the second one~~ >////< I love it whenever Teukie wears a pimp hat. He kind of looks like he can’t see, but that’s okay. Still smexy~

Heechul~ >//////< I love those glasses. He attempt on the first picture to look sexy doesn’t work out to well, but the second one is love~ It reminds me of the Rainbow Romance episodes where he has those red glasses. I love Rella in glasses~

OMG. Hannie. @___@ Wow, I’m like, having a spaz attack right now. I don’t really mind that we only get one picture of him. You know why? He’s only wearing, like, half of a shirt! >//< And wow. Look at those muscles. And his cheeeeeesssttt. Good Lord, I’m about to faint. He’s is SO smexy. <333

Kangin! I swear to GOD those are NOT manboobs! They. Are. Muscle. ShinDong has manboobs. Not Kangin. Which is why I like his picture. :3 The second one… looks like he’s about to go golfing with my grandfather. And that’s just weird.

I think the stylists like putting random pieces of cloth around Yesung’s shoulders. Like that picnic blanket they put on him in that first picture. …wtf? Picnic blanket? It kind of ruins the picture.  They did that to him on his Marry U outfit, too.  But the second one more than makes up for it. It’s his signature icy/smexy glare. I love it. And he looks so good in that outfit~ Such an improvement from a picnic blanket.

DONGHAE. WHY ON EARTH DO WE ONLY HAVE ONE HAE PICTURE?!?! It makes me so mad. Because he’s so extremely attractive in that picture. I really want to see his first~~~ (It’s off topic, but when I heard the rumors that he was getting married I almost cried. I’m so glad they haven’t been confirmed yet. And if they ever are… I seriously will cry.)

Those are the only ones I really care about. Kibum’s nose and chin bug me. He’s totally wearing grandpa glasses, too. ShiWon looks amazing… but… he’s not even looking at the book. Haha. SungMin is cute beyond words. Period. Kyu… just looks weird to me. I don’t like him much. HyukJae is such a dork. ❤ And RyeoWook is not sexy. No matter how hard he tries.

…reposted oggling with permission. ;] Enjoy.



5 responses

9 12 2007

Your Kangin & Shindong description cracked me up!!!!
Good one Kiki^^

10 12 2007

I have Donghae’s first picture in case you want to see it. He has a really cute blue shirt in it.

10 12 2007

YOU DON’T THINK THE FIRST RELLAGLASSES PICTURE IS SEXY?! DUDE, I nearly had a nosebleed when I saw that. It’s been my display pic on MSN ever since. I think it’s HOT.

11 12 2007


12 12 2007

Here you go:

Wow. First time actually contributing something instead of just lurking and taking. XDD

It’s strange for me to see someone not liking Kyu so much. When I read your comments on him, it reminded me of the things I noticed of him when I first saw him. Only, his chin bothered me in the U video. I think it was the lower region of his face. But after watching most stuff, I seem to have forgotten about all those stuff.

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