Top! Part 2- Hello! Projects Kids

18 12 2007

Okay. I know I posted up just pictures of my favorite kiddies a while back and said I would comment later. Well, its later. :3 I have changed them up a bit (the rankings), but I doubt you’ll notice. So here’s the second part of my “Top!” series! Hello! Project Kids (my favorites!)! Here we go~

14. Sugaya Risako

I’ve never liked Risako. At all. She really, really irks me. It’s like my whole deal with Takahashi Ai (except I like Ai more than Risako)–I just never have. I don’t think Risako’s pretty. She can’t sing (good Lord ESPECIALLY not live!!! That’s PAINFUL.). So why the heck does she get all the attention? I seriously do not understand. There has to be something going on behind the scenes here… hmm…

13. Shimizu Saki

I’ve never liked Captain-san too much. Her voice is just not pretty to hear and her hair has always bugged the crap out of me. She needs to grow it long! However, she is a beyond amazing dancer, so I have to give her props for that.

12. Tsugunaga Momoko

…You’ll notice Momo went from the top three to the bottom three. This was caused by that one Berryz single that we’d all just rather forget. I remember rekindling my love for her when I heard her solo Koi wo Hippkarido or whatever it’s called because her voice sounded just a smidge more mature. And when Hontou no Jibun came out, I definitely liked that her “Wakaru!” was mature-sounding. But then Tsukiatteru came out and I just went “…wtf Momo.” Her hair looked like crap and she sounded crappier. She no longer holds a favorite spot in my heart. Which is sad. Because she was the only Berryz I cared about when I first started listening to them.

11. Yajima Maimi

I don’t dislike Maimi, but I don’t like her either. She’s a very strong vocalist, pretty, and a par dancer, but I don’t like her voice. I also love 16sai Koi no Nante with Nacchi… but I just don’t like her. She really doesn’t have any value in my opinion.

10. Nakajima Saki

Saki was originally higher up, but I brought her down after hearing a few lives. Yes, she’s adorable, and her teeth are so cute (don’t ask), but her voice is so damn painful to listen to. If she didn’t sing, I would love her. But she can’t sing. She’s like the Sayumin of C-ute.

09. Okai Chisato

Chisato is very pretty and she’s an amazing singer (2007 Cutie Circuit Special Generation anyone?), but I just don’t hear or see enough of her to put her higher up.

08. Kumai Yurina

Ahaha… that picture now reminds me of Linlin’s Mikan bumble bee outfit. Anyway. I adore Kumai Yurina. She’s taller than I am (and I’m 5’8″), which is initally why I fell in love with her. Then that Berryz skit added to the love. Unfortunately, nowadays she gets really exhausted during performances and her singing shows it. She’s no longer a good live singer. And is slowly being replaced by Maasa. :/

07. Sudo Maasa

I originally hated Maasa. I used to hate her more than Risako. But now I really don’t remember why. I can’t really think of a reason to hate her. I love that she’s being pushed as a lead lately, she deserves it. She’s amazing live and in the studio. I’m not to sure about her dancing, but I love her stage presence.

06. Arihara Kanna

Kannacchi’s cute. She looks cute, acts cute, and sings cute. But that’s about all she has going for her. She’s not the best dancer or singer or actor. But I like cute. So she’s a-okay in my book.

05. Tokunaga Chinami

Ooooooooooooooooh Chinami~ My second favorite Berryz! I love her so darn much. She is beyond adorable and she’s a muy bueno singer. And that clip where she calls Miya her girlfriend on accident (en ingles) is so priceless. I love her one-liners (VERY BEAUTY, Tsukiatteru no ni Kataoimoi), but I wish she would get more. Really. I love this girl so much. I wish she was in Buono! in Momo’s stead. @_@

04. Umeda Erika

Erika!! The amazingly cute sexpot. End of story.

03. Hagiwara Mai

I loved Mai right from the start. C-ute was my first H!P group, and Mai and Airiin were my two favorites. I admired her so much for being in H!P at age six. She was so ADORABLE. And now she looks years beyond her age. She’s a really amazing singer for so young and an awesome actress. I loved her in the Minimoni movie and, more recently, Kirarin Revolution. Oh, and she can rock a pair of jeans.

My top two were really hard to pick between… I love them both pretty much the same, but one had to go before the other. So…

02. Suzuki Airi

Airiin was my first H!P love. Period (Mai following a few days later, but Airiin first). She is such an incredible singer (Sayonara no LOVE SONG anyone?). She’s not the best dancer in the world, but she can look damn cute dancing anyway. I usually don’t like girls who get all the attention, but I really didn’t know any other faces when I started listening to H!P (however songs like Bishoujo Shinri irk me with all her lines). I was so exciting to hear she was going to be in Buono!. You really have no idea. I was squealing because she and Miya were in it. So yeah. Airiin. Muy amor.

And there’s only one girl left…

01. Natsuyaki Miyabi

I’ll sum this up in five words. Good dancer. Pretty (NO WEIRD CHIN, I SWEAR). Incredible songstress. I love Natsu-chu~ ❤

Typing up all that in recently manacured nails is rather difficult. Hahahahahahaha… but yeah. Please comment~ I love comments!



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18 12 2007

hello..i wasnt sure where to write so i just wrote it here….unfortunately for the ‘best leader of 07’ vote..i tried to cast your votes but it didnt work since i had already done my voting and it keeps track on my account…i am truly sorry, i will try another day to see if it works but i doubt it ..i highly recommend u to go and create a quick account and just vote if u truly want them to win ..suju is currently in 5th place out of the 10 nominees but if u really want to vote for them i recommend an account..and the site is pretty awesome itself…^-^ the voting ends on the 21st of this month…

19 12 2007
Aoi Usagi

It’s great finding another non-fan of Risako! it seems that everyone these days loves her. I liked your comment about Yurina, how it seems she gets very tired during concerts lately. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what was up with her lately.

I’ve never been able to like Airi much. I’m not really sure why, though.

19 12 2007
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19 12 2007

I love Airi also! And Maimai. Miya, well I love her voice in cases but otherways she doesn’t attract me so much… So although I love her she doesn’t get all my love. Chinami is my favourite also! She SO pretty! Seriously, in the cover of Special Generation she is so much more adorable than everyone else!

Yurina used to be the first H!Pkid I loved… But I also think that somehow she isn’t as good anymore…

I like Chisato, she would rank higher in my list than she does in yours but it’s true that we hear way too little of her to make a proper observation.

I used to not like Risako very much also… But in the end I learned to like her too. I actually made a post about this in my blog! But Risako has really impressed me afterwards though I wish she was more like she was when she was younger… I don’t like her smile too much anymore because of her fixed teeth. 🙂

22 12 2007

Yeah seriously, I love Momo, but her voice in Tsukiatteiru (especially the godawful “nai deshou!”) disappointed me so much. Actually, all of their voices disappointed me a lot in that single. My friend thinks their vocals were *better* than usual in it and this makes me concerned about my friend, because whaaaat. XD God, if they perform that damned song at Kouhaku, I will cry, and NOT happy tears.

25 12 2007

Haha! when I first saw this I was like “oh no this is going to be another list where Erika is at the bottom! :-(” But she wasnt! She was near top! Thank you!

13 10 2008

hey…what the heck is this?? come on, maimi doesn’t look that bad, does she?? she is veryy cute, pretty, and her voices makes me melt…he3

30 10 2008
Sakura Ichigo

Ha! I’m glad i’m not the only that think Maimi is a par dancer
Yurina is getting back to her standard these days

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