Ayumi Hamasaki- GUILTY

24 12 2007

Well… I never really expected myself to review anything but H!P and Suju (although I do listen to other music, just not enough to review), but here I am!  I downloaded Ayu’s new album, GUILTY, yesterday.  Although, I have no idea how people got it–it doesn’t come out for another week.  Nonetheless, I somehow have it and I absolutely love it.  Seriously.  This album is my new favorite thing.  I’m contemplating buying it I love it so much.

I’m not too fond of the covers.  I really hate leopard print.  And just a note, this is her second album with her wearing leopard print (the other was on a catsuit on the cover of her 4th album, Duty).  I don’t think that has any significance whatsoever, but I thought it was interesting.  I saw it and was like “Hm… this looks a lot like another album of hers… what was it?  Oh yeah!  Duty!”  So.  x3  Anyway.  On to the songs!  <333  Because I love them all so much, I’m going track by track. ^^

01. Mirror – The very first thing you hear is like old dial-up AOL where it made the funny sounds (you know you’ve all been there).  Then it gets into a really mystery melody that had me really curious (and that general type of melody can be heard throughout the entire album).  I love orchestras in songs, so that also caught my attention.  Her voice is always nice to listen to, and this song is no exception.  But I really of about it was the guitar, though.  That really got me listening.  Something about it reminds me of Memorial Address or some song on it.  The flat piano keys at the end really leaves you wanting to listen to the next track.

02. (don’t) Leave Me Alone –  I really love the opening to this one.  It starts really different than Mirror, and its really upbeat, and I like upbeat things.  I love the harmonies on this one.  Ayu’s harmonies are always awesome.  This is a pretty practical Ayu song.  There’s nothing outstanding about it, but it’s still enjoyable.

03. talkin’ 2 myself – I was surprised by how well this song fits on this album.  The dark sound really works.  Just like Mirror, I love the guitar in this song and the dark melody.  It chorus really is different from the rest of the song, which I love, too.  I find it interesting that such a dark song was her first single as a single woman.  By this track, I can see a story in the album developing.  Not sure about Mirror, but our poor Ayu is left alone on (don’t) Leave Me Alone, and here she’s *cough* talking to herself about what to do (or so I’d like to interpret~).

04. decision – I remember when I first heard this track, I was like “Wow.  This is such an awesome song.”  It, like talkin’ 2 myself, fits really well with the dark theme of the album.  My favorite part has to be the dark instrumentals.  This song was a really perfect coupling for talkin’ 2 myself (on the single), along with that really cool orchestrated remix of fated.  Continuing with my interpetation of the story on the album, she has now made a decision on what to do about being left alone or whatever.

05. GUILTY – Ah~ The title track!  The opening is really interesting.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  It’s like… the bells ringing on a death march in a horror flick.  I really like it, especially the (you guessed it) dark-sounding guitar melodies.  It’s really interesting how they continued with the bells as Ayu sings.  It’s like she’s being condemned for her decision (XDD I’m killing that, aren’t I?).  This song never gets happy, which makes it stand out.  It stays really morbid the entire time.  I really love that on the bridge, it’s only Ayu’s vocals and the judgement bells.  It all adds to that “death march” effect.  And then, you may not catch it (it took me a few times), but after the last chorus, you can hear “guilty” being repeated.  She has officially been condemed.  So on with the story, Ayu is now feels GUILTY for whatever she decided.  And has been condemed.

06. fated –  I love this song.  I loved the entire glitter/fated single, it’s one of my favorites.  I like its placement on the album.  It’s weird that I like this song so much, as it’s really a rock ballad, and I’m not normally a huge fan of ballads.  But I do like this song for some reason.  Story: After Ayu’s been condemed, she realizes what’s been fated of her.

07. Together When… –  I’m not sure how this one fits into the story, really.  Maybe she’s reminicing of what it was like before she was condemed?  Thanking her lover (not ex-boy) for being there for her?  I dunno.  This is probably my least favorite track on the album, though.  It’s a little too much of a ballad for me.

08. Marionette -Prelude- – Dang this song is CREEPY.  Seriously.  I first time I heard it was in a huge, dark house at 2 in the morning when the winds were howling outside.  To say the least, I was creeped out.  It’s a really creepy melody.  Then you hear clicking and turning of something, clocks going off and ticking… just…  Wow.  Creepy.  But it ends happy, at least.  @_@;  (ftw- I get scared really easily)

09. Marionette – Still creepy, but not as creepy as its prelude.  This song is really morbid-sounding.  The whole creepy melody that played out in Prelude and this keeps on the entire time, which creeps me out.  I like the chorus, it drops that melody.  XD;;  I love the addition of the guitar to the creepy melody.  The instrumental break went major, which relieved me somewhat.  It doesn’t take too long to go creepy again, but I liked the small major part in there.  It set my heart beat back to normal.  XD  Story addition: Everything’s spiraling downward for Ayu.  The end is almost near.

10. The Judgement Day –  The title really says it all on this one.  This is an interesting track.  It has no real lyrics.  Just some “ran ran ran ran”s.  It’s pretty obvious where this one stands on the storyline so far.  ^^

11. glitter – One of my favorite songs ever!  When I was listening to the first half of this song, I was really unsure about the placement of this one.  It really didn’t seem to fit.  But after the last track, it does fit more.  This is the new, enlightened part of the album.  The Judgement Day is kind of the transition into the happier side.  Story update: (this one’s a little cracky XD) Ayu’s surprised to find herself in heaven after execution or whatever and sings about such!  XD;;

12. MY ALL – I haven’t heard this one yet.  I wonder how that happened… hmm… Well, here it goes!   Ooh.  Very good first impression with me.  I like its melody a lot.  It goes well after glitter, being very upbeat like it.  Not much else to say but I like it a lot.  ^^  I can see this becoming one of my favorite tracks.  More story~: Even though she was in heaven, Ayu realizes she’s not happy without her lover and sings about him~ :3

13. reBIRTH – The title made me think of Gackt for some reason (I just downloaded his new album, too, but I don’t like it enough to review).   It’s a very enlightening track.  It’s odd that it has no vocals, though.  I still like it anyway.  ^^  Story again: After witnessing Ayu sing about her strong love for whoever, God decides to give her a second chance and she is reborn (same age and such tho).  She lives happily ever after!  But not the end!

14. untitled ~for her~ –  I really like that this is a mix between a ballad and an upbeat song.  It’s nicely in the middle.  It’s easy on the easy ears and after an incredibly long day and listening to a rocky album (not a bad thing), it’s nice to unwind with this as the ending track.  Final installement of the story: After all that’s happened to her, Ayu advises us all not to go down the same path!  The end!

There’s no way that’s the real story on the album.  XDD  It’s just my interpretation.   In the end, as I had said before, I really love this album.  I love both really dark and really peppy music, so this was like the best of both worlds for me.  I’m not sure if I’ll allowed to re-post the download or not, so I’m not going to.  You’ll all have to either find it on your own or wait!  Sorry!

Overall Album Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆/☆☆☆☆☆



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30 12 2007

I’m glad someone else likes this album- I’ve been reading alot of negative responses to it. Personally, I think the new direction Ayu is taking is brilliant- and that she pulls of rock quite well.

You made an interesting story for it ^_^

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