In Which There Is Even More SuJu Oggling…

26 12 2007

I will never cease to stop putting SuJu eyecandy up here.  I just about fainted right now.  Kuri (Morning! Kuri) did, too.  We squeed together.  I just found the scans from the second repackaging of Don’t Don.  Now, I’ve seen these before, but I’ve never looked at them.  And now all I can think is damn!  Why not?!  So here’s some more Tsukiki-induced eyecandy for everyone!  With comments!  ^^

I’m going to save my favorite for last.  Otherwise, there’s no particular order.  ^^  Oh, and I left out ShinDong because… he’s just ew.  I’m sorry if you’re a fan, but he really just bugs the crap out of me.

Ahahahahahahha!  This picture is funny beyond words.  First, they curled Rella’s hair.  XDDD  Then just look at that dorky smile!  Oh man.   That one’s a knee-slapper.

Omigawd.  Is that DongHae????  When did he go from being adorable to being smexy?  o-o;;  Seriously?

Ah… Kibummie.  Never ceases to remind me of my grandpa.

For the first time in his life, HyukJae’s looking charismatic and not incredibly dorky.  :3  But he still has that Hyukkie-dork-aura about him.

That look.  This is why I love Teukie so much.  He did that same look on the motocycles and damn he was hot there, too!  <33

Minnie… are your feet even touching the floor?  o-o;;  Look, guys, SungMin can float!

I’ve said it before: Wookie is not hot or sexy no matter how hard he tries.  He’s cute sometimes and always pretty (yes, PRETTY, he is a PRETTY man!), but this whole trying to be sexy thing doesn’t work for him.

YeSung’s hair looks oddly feminine here, almost like RyeoWook, but in a semi-smexy sort of way.   I love those eyes.  @_@

The cowboy’s comin home!  Ahahaha… oh ShiWon… you look so silly…

Hm… not much to say.  I don’t like Kyu too much.  He looks really thin here.  :/

KiBummie looks like my grandpa, and KangIn looks like he’s about to go golfing with him.  -_-;;

And I saved the unquestionably best for last.  This is the one Kuri and I almost fainted over seeing. 

Oh.  My friggin God.  Hannie!!!!!!!!  Without a doubt he’s my favorite SuJu, and damn.  If I ever need to justify myself for that, I’m just showing whoever is questioning me this picture.  He is friggin hot with eyeliner on, and if you know me at all, you know I love SuJu boys in pimp hats.  (Ask Jen, pimp hats are my new favorite thing)  He kind of looks like he should have a cigarette in his hand, but then I remember he’s a singer and singer’s shouldn’t smoke (*cough*unlike SOMEONE*cough*kangin*cough*).   Nonetheless, that is the hottest picture I have ever seen.  Ever.  It’s hotter than Teukie and YehSung’s motorcycle pics.  Seriously.  SMEXY STUFF RIGHT HERE.  <33333




And that concludes my Super Junior eyecandy fangirl ramblings part shi.



6 responses

26 12 2007

I think the only thing we have in common is that our favorite is Hangeng. Everything else is.. meeeh. Anyway. You can clearly see that Sungmin’s feet are touching the floor. Well, at least one is. XD The other is resting against the wall. It’s just that weird drape/cloth thing on the floor.

Of course Kyu is gonna be skinny! He was in hospital, woman! XDD Gah. I hope Kangin never wears that hat again. I guess I can’t think of Wookie as sexy but I can’t think of Leeteuk sexy either. Especially when I saw a girl here with that hairstyle. His giggle can’t be sexy either. D: I do like Wookie’s style in this. Better than that Tsunku hairstyle he had for awhile.

As I type this, I just noticed Hangeng’s eye. It looks drawn on. Like those eyes that the azumanga characters sometimes had. Like this:

Other than that, it’s still hot.

One last thing, why don’t you like Shindong? How can he annoy you? D: He’s there for the lulz! If you can stand Heechul, Shindong is no problem. Is it because he’s not a pretty boy? In any case, this one of my favorite pictures of him:

I don’t think Kangin is the only one who smokes. Haha.

26 12 2007

That’s fine, I’m not looking to be in common with anyone, I’m just voicing my opinions. And I know Minnie’s touching the wall/floor, I was making a joke.

I know why Kyu is skinny, I know he’s been in the hospital forever. The “Tsunku style” comment made me laugh. ^^;;

I just never liked ShinDong. It’s not because he’s not a pretty boy, I’m just always seeing him do disgusting things when I do see him, and it makes me not want to look into him anymore. I’m allowed an opinion. I like HeeChul because he was the reason I got into Super Junior in the first place. Nonetheless, if you like ShinDong, that’s fantastic for you, but I don’t. So let’s just leave it at that.

27 12 2007

I don’t know these guys, but the first, third, eighth, and last ones are HOT. <33

27 12 2007
Kuri {♥}

ShiWon… Mine….~~~~~

27 12 2007

You’re gonna have to fight Jen for him Kuririn XDD

29 12 2007

i have no idea who these guys are.. but they are fit!! 😛

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