28 01 2008

I’m a little late on this one… dang.

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The Musume in America Experiment: Part 1

28 01 2008

Based on what Kuri of Morning! Kuri did with her younger sister (tested Momusu on her), I decided to try out a similar experiment. I tested the big three in H!P right now on my [soon to be] step-sister. She’s your typical teenage girl, 15, and a freshman in highschool. The only thing not so normal is that she’s a pretty strong Christian. Based on that, I thought that she would probably be less inclined to see girls dancing around in hardly anything singing about the hardships of love. But I was wrong. Ooooh so so so wrong.

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Er… Huh?

27 01 2008

So I just got the news that Hello! Project group V-U-Den will be disbanding in June.  Read the rest of this entry »


17 01 2008

I remember some time ago I won a raffle drawing and they said I could pick anything from as my prize. I was like, spazzing. And I wanted to try some male music (or anything non-H!P for once). A while before that, I had randomnly stumbled upong Arashi and had been obsessed with them for like… a week. And in that week, I explored Johnny’s. And while exploring Johnny’s, I also stumbled upon KAT-TUN, but I didn’t even give them a second thought then.

So I was at, browing for what I should buy, and I found KAT-TUN’s second album, Cartoon KAT-TUN II. I was vaguely interested and told Kuri about it (we were talking at the moment), and she was like “Tsukikirin, it has a song called Make U Wet. It HAS to be good.” Can’t argue with that logic. So I picked it out. It is, to this day, the only Japanese CD I own (not Asian, because I also have Super Junior’s Don’t Don). Read the rest of this entry »

Oh yes, Baby, I’m Cruising Love

7 01 2008

Watch that.  Now.  I demand it.  It’s the PV for the upcoming Perfume single, Baby Cruising LoveRead the rest of this entry »

The Rumors…

5 01 2008

While the rumors of Kamei Eri graduating from Morning Musume have been proven false (for now ><), it really got me thinking.  Like, what she holds in the group and what a terribly awful decision it would be to let her go along with some other members.  Read the rest of this entry »

TOP! Part 3- Top 10 Musumes of All Time

4 01 2008

Here’s part three of my TOP! series (so rudely stolen by Kuri >o), a top ten ranking of all the Musumes there ever where.  :3  A lot of them tied… so the numbers are weird.  I’ll say if they were tied or not.  ^^  Read the rest of this entry »

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