58th Kouhaku… Oh dear…

1 01 2008

Well… I’m disappointed in Hello! Project on this one. Their whole performance at the 58th Annual Kouhaku Uta Gassen was terrible. Everyone was really excited because both C-ute and Berryz Koubou would be on the show this year, but between them they maybe got a minute of their own songs.

Hell, C-ute just won Best New Artist of the Year Award. Why did they get so little time? I mean, thirty seconds of their hit single Tokkaiko Junjou did not serve them justice in the least. And they all looked so amazing, too! Sheesh, Tsunku.

Berryz… well, they failed. Tsukiatteru, as you know, isn’t my favorite song to start out with… but then it sounded like Momo got Chinami’s only solo line and good Lord it sounded like she sucked up an entire tank of helium before going on stage. And did they seriously have to give Risako a solo line? She really bombed it. Yurina bombed hers. It was just… bad news.

I won’t even get started on Morning Musume. They just all around SUCKED. Seriously. And I am so damn sick of LOVE Machine and The Peace!. FIND A NEW SONG, TSUNKU. Why the fuck wasn’t Mikan performed? And why were Koharu and Sayumin getting all these lines?? THEY CAN’T SING.

…I’ll just stop there. The medley as a whole sucked as well. It had this disgusting techno melody to it which no one could sing to and it seemed like the girls had no idea how to dance to it.

However, on a plus side, I was very happy to see the Hello! Project Eggs there. Except they need new outfits.

Moving away from H!P, because they sucked… I also looked at whatever else I could find on youtube. XD
I was also rather disappointed by Gackt’s performance. I was rather looking forward to it… but it was kind of just like “…wtf?” He’s still gorgeous and that mic stand was pretty wicked, but… it was weird. I really wish he would have performed Meguriai (from his new album, 0079-0088), I love that song. XD;;

I have to say AKB48 won my heart on this one. I really don’t listen to them too much, but I do remember Aitakatta! as being my favorite song of theirs. So I’m really please that they sang that one! It’s one of their better songs, so it’s good that they chose that one. (HEY, TSUNKU. LEARN SOMETHING HERE.) Their outfits were adorable, too (TSUNKU).

I’ve never heard Leah Dizon before… and I don’t think I want to. She’s hot, and I’ve seen her chocolate whatever commericials, and those were hot, but the performance was bad. :/ I’ve also never heard Nakagawa Shoko before, but hedr performance was rather refreshing after Leah’s flop. I have no idea what the crap is with her outfit, but she has an awesome voice. I love that AKB48 (and Leah) came back on with some weird song about idols, but it was cute!

Unfortunately, I could only find those in addition to H!P’s crap. I really wish someone would upload the rest of it, though, because a lot of my favorite artists were on the list!



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1 01 2008

i still aint watched any clips from this yet, but from all the posts about it not being that good im kind of disapointed 😦
I was really excited about Berryz and C-ute’s first time performing but i kind of guess im not going to be that thrilled when i watch it :S
Also.. omg! morning musume sang love revolution and the peace again?! what? I agree they should of sung their latest single mikan! Although they didnt sell well with that single i love it!!


2 01 2008

KIKU in Hawaii is showing the entire show, I’m watching right now as a matter of fact and it’s pretty boring. I think this is more a show for the older crowd with all these old people acts. While I agree that the H!P portion of the show was not that good, neither was SMAP’s or Otsuka Ai’s. Of all the songs she could have performed during this show she chose Chu Lip. One other thing that bothered me that wasn’t performance related was Nakama Yukie’s blue eye shadow while wearing a dark red dress.

2 01 2008

While I agree that Love Machine is performed a bit too often by MoMusu it is their all time number one selling single and I’m sure Tsunku realizes that. As for show positives BoA was pretty good and so was Dreams Come True. Gackt was okay and weird as usual.

3 01 2008
4 01 2008

Really can’t blame the company on this one. Tsunku was clearly strapped by the show’s producers, who failed to recognized just how good C-ute and Berryz have become. At least they gave it their best shot despite the limitations!


4 01 2008

Loads of agreements here.

Gackt was indeed “wtf”. Costume + weird scene before singing + incomprehensible singing makes for one very “?” performance.

H!P was disappointing. Best Artist had them with a better performance.

AKB48 was surprisingly good. I never did notice them much, and this time I was just pleasantly surprised by their performance.

Leah Dizon wasn’t singing, she was just mouthing words sexually in her sexy outfit, and you JUST know that most of the males in Japan just don’t care about her bad singing. xD

Nakagawa Shoko was hilarious though. Her performances always crack me up.

The best male performance that night was undoubtedly Hirai Ken. (I may sound biased, but I’m not). He was much better than he was on MSSL, which made me reallly happy. =D

Another male performance, though this one made me none too impressed, was EXILE.

Long comment. x.x Hope you like the perfs. The others, I simply don’t care. xD You can search Otsuka Ai and Oshiri Kajiri mushi, these are the only others that made me smile.

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