TOP! Part 3- Top 10 Musumes of All Time

4 01 2008

Here’s part three of my TOP! series (so rudely stolen by Kuri >o), a top ten ranking of all the Musumes there ever where.  :3  A lot of them tied… so the numbers are weird.  I’ll say if they were tied or not.  ^^ 

Fujimoto Miki

10. Fujimoto Miki

Mikitty used to be probably one of my favorite members, but after she left, I started to look at some of the other girls and ended up liking them more.  However, Mikitty’s one of the best singers to ever be in Morning Musume, and I still love her a lot.


09. Goto Maki

It’s funny… up until not too long ago, I would have never imagined Gocchin in my top 10 Musumes.  In fact, she’d probably be second-to-last next to Takahashi (back then).  But ironically, after she left H!P, I suddenly liked her and missed her.  And then I actually started listening to her solo music (which I had never bothered to do before because I hated her so much), which I’m now in love with.  She really has a great voice.  I’m still not too sure that I liked her in Momusu, but I love her as a singer and she’s a kick-ass dancer.

Kamei Eri

08. Kamei Eri

I never cared for Eri too much, either, until around Onna ni.  She’s really cute, but unlike the other cuties in Momusu right now (Sayumin, Linlin, Tanaka), she can actually sing.  That’s why I like her so much~  And she can be extremely smexy, too (Onna ni!).

Yoshizawa Hitomi

07. Yoshizawa Hitomi

I’ve always liked Yossie.  I was really, really sad to see her leave–she’s one of the best leaders Momusu has ever seen.  She’s always been gorgeous and an amazing singer and dancer.  I’m not sure if I’ve always liked her or not, but I know I really started to notice her around the time of Ambitious! or so.

Mitsui Aika -TIED- Junjun

05/06. Mitsui Aika/Junjun

It was so hard for me to pick between these two… so I didn’t.  XD;;  I’ve said before why I like them both so much–they’re cute and loveable and I want to just pinch Mittsi’s cheeks.  XDD  They both fit perfectly in Momusu.  I think they’re gonna be great some day.  8D

Niigaki Risa

04. Niigaki Risa

Definitely my favorite current Musume!  I’ve also said why I liked her before, too.  So I won’t repeat myself.  Even though she’s my favorite current girl, though, some of the graduated ones still beat her out.

Tsuji Nozomi

03. Sugiura Nozomi

Nono!  We can’t call her Tsujiji anymore.  D:  It’s weird, because I always called her Tsuji, but now that that’s no longer her name… it’s just weird.  Anyway.  W’s always been in my top Musumes, I love them to death.  I’m really sad that they left the way they did… I loved Minimoni to death, too.  Nono always seemed fake to me, as I’ve said in a previous blog, but I still love her adorableness nonetheless!

Yaguchi Mari -TIED- Kago Ai

02/01. Yaguchi Mari/Kago Ai

That picture really does not do Aibon justice… sigh.  Anyway.  Aibon’s always, ALWAYS, been my number 1 Musume.  Always.  I got a little upset with her when all these scandals came out, but I still love watching old performances of her, she always wins my heart.  ❤  And it’s only been recently that Marippe came into my favorites.  I never really cared for her because when I got into H!P, she had disappeared off the face of the planet.  But when I started listening and watching older Morning Musume things, I started to like her more, especially in Minimoni (dear Lord I love Minimoni too much for my own health… can you tell?  3/4s of Minimoni is in my top three and if Mika were a Musume, she’d be my #1!).   I really can’t pick between these two.  I sat at the Morning Musume Ranker (at American Wota) for about ten minutes trying to pick which one I liked more and ended up clicking the “I can’t choose!” button.  XD;;

So yeah.  I love my Musumes.  :3  I’m kind of out of ideas for more TOP!’s, though… anyone wanna help?  ^^;;



5 responses

4 01 2008

thats an awsome choice of favourites!! =D
my favourites are tsuji,kago,mari & yossie xD

4 01 2008
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5 01 2008

Hey cool choices. There is kind of an “error” i foud..hehe.

You said “I’ve always liked Yossie” and then “I’m not sure if I’ve always liked her or not”..

but i like that u gave some members a second listen, that tells that ur not just obsessing over someone ^^ other than kago and yaguchi lol jk

5 01 2008

Aw, no linlin. That’s sad, but at least you have most of the great momusu up there ^_^

10 02 2008

Marippe and Aibon tie as my fav ex-MM members too! And, I only recently started liking Marippe too.. thats kind of freaky how its the same 😛
Good choice of favourites =)

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