The Rumors…

5 01 2008

While the rumors of Kamei Eri graduating from Morning Musume have been proven false (for now ><), it really got me thinking.  Like, what she holds in the group and what a terribly awful decision it would be to let her go along with some other members. 

I remember reading somewhere that when Eric Kameizou joined, she had absolutely no personality and no one knew how she was gonna turn out (even her Joshi Kashimashi verse refers to that).  But she’s really blossomed.  She’s gorgeous and a great singer.  Even though we don’t get to hear her too much, she is very very slowly getting more lines and she’s got a nice line of photobooks to oggle at.   And she’s really funny!  :3

I came home from “vacation” (not really a vacation but just being away from the computer for a while) to find these rumors of her graduating from Morning Musume.  It was really a wtf moment for me.  I’m just really starting to get attatched to her and then to be hit with that… I’ll just say I’m so relieved that they weren’t confirmed.  It’s way too early to see her go.  She’s doing very well in the group right now, and honestly, it would hurt the group significantly to have another “senior member” leave.

But it’s not just her that I got thinking about.  I got thinking about some of the other members–really, all of the members, and how much it would make them suffer (both within themselves and in sales) for anyone to leave right now.  Except maybe Koharu.

Like, for instance, Tanaka Reina.  She’s one of the most popular in Morning Musume right now.  The crowd loves her.  Personally, I don’t, but we all know that.  Some people think she’s so successful that she could graduate and have a nice solo career (once again, personally, I never see this happening).  However, if she were to leave, it would really hurt them.  She’s so well-loved that people wouldn’t even bother anymore.  They’d go “First Yossie, then Mikitty, and now Tanakacchi?  Who’s next?” and stop buying their stuff because the lineup would from there on be so unpredictable.  Of course, this could happen with any of the more popular members (all of them minus 7/8 Gens, who are still building up a fanbase).   I just used Reina as an example.

The lineup now would be good to stay as it is.  Or maybe add a nineth gen or two, I’m all for that, but to take away any of the current members would be suicide.  UFA would be really, really stupid.   2007 was a rocky year for Momusu, and the last thing they need is another graduation.  :3

I was going to write a nice paragraph on C-ute here, but wordpress erased it and I am thus very mad at it.  I will write that paragraph later.  Perhaps in another entry. (fuckin stupid wordpress)



4 responses

5 01 2008
Kuri {♥}

Tanaka will SO get a solo career, you know that. She murdered Gocchin’s Yaruki! IT’S EASY last winter, but… It was a sign. When her graduation comes, she’ll be a soloist.

Anyway.~ Yay~

6 01 2008

It could be that an announcement has simply been delayed until the H!P Awards Show on Jan. 26-27 at Yokohama Arena. Like everyone else, I hope it’s simply not true at all

6 01 2008

@Kuririn- Yeah, I know. She gets tons of solos. But she murders them. Hopefully Tsunku will see that before he lets her go solo.

@Radicalpatriot- I know it could be delayed… I sort of think it might be announced later, but as I said, it’d be a foul move and I hope it doesn’t happen. ><

8 01 2008

yeah at this moment, taking away any of the 5th/6th gen would totally kill.

sorry about wordpress erasing your C-ute stuff. ><;

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