Oh yes, Baby, I’m Cruising Love

7 01 2008

Watch that.  Now.  I demand it.  It’s the PV for the upcoming Perfume single, Baby Cruising Love

I was half happy to see this as the PV for the single.  I wanted to see Macaroni.  XDD  All Perfume singles have a song that has something to do with food (except Polyrhythm, but at least the star of the PV was an apple). If they don’t do a PV for Macaroni, I might cry.

But anyway.  I’ve been a Perfume fan for a while now.  I accidentally discovered them and was like “OMG THIS IS SO MUCH LOVE.”  And then I showed Kuririn (Morning! Kuri) and she was like “OMG.  THIS IS SO MUCH LOVE.”  And ever since we’ve fangirled Perfume together.

I also accidentally stumbled upon their new single.  I had no idea they had even announced it, so I was really excited to find that.  And now, like two days later, the PV is out!

It has some classic Perfume quirks that no one really understands.  Like the weird bauble thingy that draws weird… glowly lines around them in circles.  (Like Polyrhythm that was just full of random quirky crap :3)  Kashiyuka just held hers up, which was more like “LOOKIT MY BAUBLE BITCH.”  A~chan was like a three year old just waving it up and down adorably.  And Nocchi was so precise, like she’s used a bajillion circley line drawing baubles before.

This PV was automatic win for me.  From the first word I loved it, no question.  Why?  It opens with Kashiyuka!!  And the best part is, unlike Polyrhythm, it stays Kashiyuka-happy!  (She’s my favorite, in case you couldn’t tell.)   I was soooooooo happy that she got so many lines.  The last single was so deprived of her.  Nocchi, as always, was gorgeous.  But she does not know how to lipsync.  Dear Lord.  XDD  She was opening her mouth in the weirdest ways that didn’t match the singing.  It’s a good thing these girls perform live.  And… I’m not very fond of A~Chan at all.  So moving on.

The lights were annoying.  I have no idea how they put up with them while singing.  And I didn’t really understand why the lights just ended at one point.  It would have been better if they kept going.  The dance was also pretty typical Perfume–really bizzare yet cute.  I loved it.  I love Polyrhythm‘s dance, too.  Their little circles are so cute.

Anyway.  I totally love this song.  It’s full of win.  So far, ☆☆☆☆☆/☆☆☆☆☆ unless I’m really disappointed by Macaroni (ROFL I can’t WAIT), but I doubt I will because I love Perfume too much.



11 responses

7 01 2008
Aoi Usagi

They’re so cute! could you tell me who is who?

7 01 2008

wow awsome!! =D
Its the first time ive heard of perfume, but they sound cool! I think i might have to look them up^^

8 01 2008

@Aoi- Sure. 8D The one with long straight hair (it opens with her) is Kashiyuki. The one with short hair is Nocchi, and the other one (long curly hair) is A~chan.

8 01 2008

I LOVE Baby cruising Love. I’ve pre-ordered the single with the DVD, and everything. I agree that Nocchi lipsyncs oddly…it was the worst in Chocolate Disco XD. But I love Nocchi, and especially in this PV. I like all of them a lot, really. =D

8 01 2008
Aoi Usagi

Thank you! Nocchi is really pretty. Now I’m off to go learn more about them!

9 01 2008

“All Perfume singles have a song that has something to do with food”

Lol what? Linear Motor Girl, Computer City, Electro World = foodless. o_O

Also, no comment on A~chan. She’s my girl, so it’s just going to get nasty, sorry. XD

9 01 2008

Okay… they either have to do with food OR makeup. XD;;

10 01 2008

I heard the song and thought it was good but nothing outstanding. But the PV is just so great that it’s made me love this song so much.

13 01 2008

OMG. I’M SO EXCITED FOR IT. Kashikuya’s my favourite too! xD
A~chan bothers me… like the way she opens her mouth and smiles.

You should check mah blog out sometime! :3

13 01 2008
23 01 2008

Kashiyuka is droolage.
A~chan is love.

That is all.

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