17 01 2008

I remember some time ago I won a raffle drawing and they said I could pick anything from yesasia.com as my prize. I was like, spazzing. And I wanted to try some male music (or anything non-H!P for once). A while before that, I had randomnly stumbled upong Arashi and had been obsessed with them for like… a week. And in that week, I explored Johnny’s. And while exploring Johnny’s, I also stumbled upon KAT-TUN, but I didn’t even give them a second thought then.

So I was at yesasia.com, browing for what I should buy, and I found KAT-TUN’s second album, Cartoon KAT-TUN II. I was vaguely interested and told Kuri about it (we were talking at the moment), and she was like “Tsukikirin, it has a song called Make U Wet. It HAS to be good.” Can’t argue with that logic. So I picked it out. It is, to this day, the only Japanese CD I own (not Asian, because I also have Super Junior’s Don’t Don).

Anyway, so I got the CD and loved it. It was, like, the only thing I listened to for about a month because listening to smexy boys was totally new to me (I was still pretty much just used to H!P), and it was earcandy. Of course, then some new H!P release came out and I, essentially, forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I was on the bww2 forums and someone had posted something about Hey! Say! JUMP. I had heard the name in my random occasional Johnny’s explorations before, so I checked them out. [The song’s addictive, but the only thing I really like about the group is the EXTREMELY adorable Chinen] And then once again I explored Johnny’s. And I was like “Oh, yeah, KAT-TUN, I own their CD.” I had checked them out before, but I hadn’t really warmed up to their looks, so I didn’t do anything but listen to my CD.

But this time, something just… clicked. I think it was Kuri. I always like things better when I talk to Kuri about them. We started watching the lives from their album that I loved so much and was I suddenly in love with them. I was like “Damn. They’re hot. WHEN did this happen??” So now… I love them.

Especially this one:

Oh God.  nosebleed.

Kamenashi Kazuya. Something about him is just amazingly sexy. I can’t get enough eyecandy of him. 8D

The other members can be hot at times. Like when they’re doing fanservice and moaning (Ueda <3333). Except Koki. He’s just… weird-looking, sounding, and no matter how hard he tries to be a ganster, he’s NOT. Sigh.

Anyway. 8D In addition to my two major fandoms right now (H!P and SuJu), now I have a lovely KAT-TUN to add to the bunch.  So expect more of them on here in the future.  8D



5 responses

17 01 2008
Kuri {♥}

As long as Ueda Tatsuya is mine, it’s all okay.

He’s so hot in eyeglasses, I swear, my boyfriend better be jealous :O

18 01 2008
18 01 2008

It’s great to know that there are other H!P/KAT-TUN fans out there. 😀

8 03 2008

AKAME, heard of that? Akanishi Jin
&&& Kamenashi Kazuya together.
They are just too SMEXIEE, yes 🙂
Kazuya and Jin are liiike, MY OBSSESION.
They’re MINE! Lols =P Glad to hear that
someone has something in common with me 8D

3 06 2008

love love love kat tun!!!!! they are hella hott. i like akanishi! but at the same time …akame would be a cute couple. i mean what is it with girls and boyband pairings, but its totally true. ha! well i mean anything can happen, id feel super bad for the obssessed fans if it did though, cuz many girls would be depressed

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