Er… Huh?

27 01 2008

So I just got the news that Hello! Project group V-U-Den will be disbanding in June. 

…Say what now!?  This baffles me beyond all reason.  I really can’t wait for further details, because I’m confused.  Sure, the group has had pretty low sales lately, but has that ever stopped Tsunku?

I know Biyuuden doesn’t have a lot of fans, but I’ve always liked them.  Well, no, that’s a lie.   I hated them at first because I hate Ishikawa Rika.  But do love their music (FANTASY is my favorite song right now) and Okada Yui.  (Erika’s just… there.)

Naturally, I’m upset by the news, but as I said, even more confused.  Were the girls not making enough money to stay in the group?  And what’s this with the ‘We’ll be started a new sound’…??  Will Rika be going solo?!  (Oh God please no)

I guess I’m not sure I know what to think yet until more details are released.  *sigh*



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