LA LA LA… Next, please

2 02 2008

Some Boys! Blog just uploaded the radio preview of C-ute’s 4th single, LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta. We’ve also heard this song at the Hello! Project Winter 2008 tour and that dreadful performance on the 58th Kouhaku. Might I just say, I like it much less now then I even did then.

I was really dreading this becoming C-ute’s next release. I hated it on Kouhaku, it was just a “wtf?!” moment for me. The only H!P group to win an award last year got dumped with this song because fans “recieved it well”.

Dude, Tsunku, what the fuck kind of a way is this to uphold Tokaikko Junjou?! This group could have kicked-ass, and now you’re treating them like Berryz. “Oh, I have no imagination today, so Berryz, you can cover some weird-ass euro-vision song, and C-ute, you can have that song I just threw in at Kouhaku and the concert.” If you can’t come up with a song yourself, Tsunku, hire someone to do it.


The song itself, now that I listen to it all the way through sounds like a DDR song. Normally, I like DDR songs, but those are mainly remixes. Taking my favorite Jpop group and giving them one already like it… sucks. But it’ll attract those para-para addicts, I guess? It also reminds me of Country Musume’s Kakumei CHIKKU Kiss, probably because of how it speeds up at the end and the songs have that same “HAPPY IN UR FACE” feel.

I have absolutely no doubt this song will grow on me. Almost all songs I hate do. For example, Berryz’ VERY BEAUTY was a large object of my Jpop-based hatred for the first couple of months after it came out. Now I love it. Hence the name of this blog. Likewise, their Tsukiatteru no ni Kataoimoi has also grown on me (because I love doing the dance).

Morning Musume’s Ai Araba IT’S ALRIGHT! also grew on me; I hated it for about two years before I started liking it (which was just a few weeks ago). I also hated their Iroppoi Jirettai for some time, but now it’s one of my favorite songs ever.

And as far as the subject group, C-ute, goes, I also hated their Meguru Koi no Kisetsu until I learned the dance, and now I like the song. I imagine something along the same lines will happen with LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta. It seems like it would have a kick-ass dance.

At least, it better after the kick-ass dance Tokaikko had. Come on, Tsunku, don’t strip us bare of everything we love about C-ute now.




3 responses

3 02 2008

The arranger does, what do you know, DDR SONGS. He also did Tokaikko Junjou. And W’s Dekoboko Seventeen, and Goto Maki’s Glass no Pumps, and he can basically do no wrong in my eyes. He is the light of my life. HIRATA SHOUICHIROU 4EVAR

I was upset at first, but hearing the radio rip, it’s total Cute to me. So I’m happy.

4 02 2008

Yeah, hearing it on the kokuhaku at first, I was like whhhaaa? O_o you’re giving it to C-ute?! I was so ready for like… another kick-a** song tokaikko-esk. *sigh* And yeah, I agree with you, it’ll probably grow on all of us. I just hope they’re sales don’t die. Tokaikko did well XD I’m worried about the sales on this single though. *crosses fingers*

5 02 2008

I’m hoping that, with C-ute’s sudden popularity expanding like a virus, this single will do well no matter what.

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