LALALA…. Yet again….

8 02 2008

Yay. The full PV came out for C-ute’s next single, LALALA Shiawase no Uta. It’s just as thrillingly good as the song itself.

The first thing I noticed was the opening picture: a bottle of perfume. Immediately, Berryz’ kick-ass Munasawagi Scarlet popped into my head. And lo and behold, there was the mirror, the makeup, and everything just like the Berryz’ PV. The only difference is that Munasawagi is actually a good song. Like, I enjoy listening to it.

The next thing was that most of the PV is either purple or pink, which is rather boring, and the outfits. Oh God. They’re terrible!!! Kind of like Munasawagi, too. The dance, like I was hoping, is fun-looking, but they could have done way better.

On another note, Maimi looks WAY too skinny in this PV. Seriously, take a look at her arms.  They’re like twigs.  Everyone else looks amazing as always.  Maimai looks incredibly bored, though.

There’s one thing I like about this song.  The girls do their own harmonies.  I’m a harmony freak, which is why I love old Momusu so much.   That really impressed me.  Unfortunately, that was about it.

As far as the song growing on me, it hasn’t.  If anything, I like it less now.  Maybe when the first live performance comes out it’ll grow on me a bit.  It might, but it might not.  We’ll see.




2 responses

9 02 2008

Reminds me too much of Aruiteru, one too many la-la-las.

Aruiteru の1 余りにも多くのLa La las を私にたいそう思い出させる。

9 02 2008

You’re right, now that I think about it. I had never thought of that one.

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