[Plugging] Mignon! Project MIRACLE 5 Audition

9 02 2008

I run a [primarily] Hello! Project cover [karaoke] group called Mignon! Project (M!P for short). And it’s time, for the first time in a year, for me to formally open auditions for it. It’s a lot of fun, so if you like singing and H!P, then give it a look.

We are searching for [but not limited to] the following:
3-5 singers to be soloists
3 singers for a Biyuuden (v-u-den) group
3 new singers for Ame Rakugan (our Morning Musume group)

While those are what we’re specifically searching for, everyone who auditions will make it in. I have more groups planned in case we have too many auditions, so don’t be afraid of not being placed. And please don’t get upset if you don’t get put into the group you want to, not everyone can get what they want.

To audition, you will need some kind of recording program. Videos over youtube don’t cut it. I suggest Audacity, which is free and relatively easy to use. The audition needs to be in either mp3 or ogg form. Wav will, under no circumstances, be accepted. You must send in a full, Japanese song. There must be background music, whether it’s the official karaoke or a self-made one (which I can make for you). Also, do not edit the file in any way. No effects whatsoever (i.e.- noise removal, reverb, phaser, etc).

When you audition, please fill out this form:

Name: [what you go by online]
Age: [optional–just for reference]
Vocal Range: [soprano, alto, tenor, etc–if you don’t know, it’s okay]
Audition Song: [name and original artist]
Is(are) there any Hello! Project artist(s) you particularily dislike?:
Is(are) there any non-Hello! Project artist(s) that you like?:
Which group do you want to be in the most (in M!P)?:
Do you have any previous experience in cover groups?: [won’t affect my decision]

You can PM me, email me [tsuki[at]nekohimenaoko[dot]com], IM me [tsuki__hime[at]hotmail[dot]com], or whatever other way fancies you with that form or any questions that you might have.

Auditions will, for now, close mid-March. I’m not going to set a date until I have a better idea of if I’ll need to close them earlier or extend them.

That’s it! Good luck auditioning! Ganbarimasu!

Official Website

Official Forums



4 responses

9 02 2008

Would love to know more about your group. I’m just back from 10 days in Tokyo and Yokohama and did considerable research on why the idol groups are so exceptional. Anyway, I have two blogs:


I admire anyone trying to get this kind of music established outside of Japan. It is an admirable goal.

10 02 2008

This kind of music is not popular just in Japan. It is a popular type of music in many counties like America now.

10 02 2008

(This is Julia, by the way xD.)

Sometimes when I go through my MSN contacts, I see Ame Rakugan in someone’s What I’m listening to. XD Oh wait…that can’t be you, can it? XDD I can’t keep all the SnM people on my MSN straight. Anyway, perhaps I’ll audition, but I’m not sure, since I’ve kind of abandoned SnM without a word…I keep meaning to go back and just SAY something but it’s been so long and I’m scared now. D: Things just got so crazy, and I know that’s not much of an excuse for disappering but still. Blaaaah.

10 02 2008

@Julia- It’s not me, I don’t use that thing. XD;; But that’s cool. 😮 And yeah, I kind of left SnM, too. XD;; I’d love it if you auditioned 8DD

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