New H!B Poll

11 02 2008

I’ve already ranked all three of these groups on my blog before, but now I have pretty pictures to go with them. And some have changed, too, I suppose.

Gaki-san still ranks #1. <33 I still can’t pick between Mitssi and Junjun. And Sayumin, Tanakacchi, and Takitty still rank the bottom three (except Takitty has rised a small tad higher). It’s those middle three that have changed. Eririn has just won me over with her beauty and now her voice. Linlin’s fallen a little because her voice is starting to get me, but she’s still adorable. And Koharu… is really starting to get on my nerves. Her voice is just so painful to listen to. So now my bottom 3 is a bottom 4.

Berryz, I’m pretty sure, hasn’t changed. Natsu-chu and China have been my favorite Berryz for a while now. <33 I still hate Risako, Saki holds nothing for me, Momo is really starting to get on my nerves, Maasa is just… there (she’s a good singer, but I don’t like her voice). And Yurina is like my twin, so still love for her. ❤

Hm… there have been a lot of changes here. Maimai used to be second and Airiin used to be first. It’s like my inner Mittsi/Junjun debate. I can’t pick between the two, but if I had do, Maimai would be first. I almost put Erika as second, but realized I liked Airiin just the slightest bit more. I’ve really grown to love Erika a ton. ❤ Chisato’s right behind her, because that girl can sing. And I loved her in Tokaikko (“WTF MAIMI MY BALL!!!”) Kanna’s just… there. I don’t really like her or dislike her. Maimi’s started to bug me lately, in the likes of Risako, Takahashi, and Reina. She gets so much attention and she really can’t sing. I personally don’t think she’s all that pretty either.

And then Saki. People gonna be hating on me for this one. I have absolutely no idea why people even like her so much. Her voice is so inredibly painful to listen to. I mean, it hurts. Bad. Especially live. And she just looks so… weird and awkward to me. Like that way she turns her head makes it look like it’s not even on her properly, and it’s one of her signature poses. I mean, seriously, someone please tell me why you guys love Saki so much.

I upset a lot of people constantly with my blog. I get a looot of hate comments. That’s okay, I don’t mind. Have away and flame~ [Another reason why I have no idea people read my blog]




3 responses

11 02 2008

I disagree with the whole Maimi can’t sing….but I’m so glad I’m not the only one who put Tanaka dead last.

11 02 2008

I too am SO GLAd that I’m not the only one who put Tanaka last. And interestingly, we have all of the same members as our top 4 in Momusu (although mine are in a different order).

12 02 2008

Yeah~ We have almost the same Cute poll results. Mai is just so pretty, cute and very importantly, natural. I have seen her do the kiddish, violent almost-snorting laugh a couple of times, once on Utaban and once on Music Fighter. The others seems to smile and be more … how should I put it… Tokaiko?

What’s funny is that your last 3 momusus, are ranked top 3 in mine~! 😀

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