14 02 2008

I cannot tell you how happy I was to read from Some Boys! Blog that Fujimoto Miki will be releasing a solo single in April. Seriously.

I was so devastated when she got into a scandal, and ever since I became a fan of her’s I’ve been wanting her to get more solo work. :3

I said in a previous post why I liked her so much. She’s been a favorite of mine almost since I’ve been a Momusu fan. She’s such an amazing singer (I know you’ll all disagree, but she has the same voice type as Jpop Queens such as Ayu and Koda). I’ve always loved her solo work and am so excited for this new release.

Admitedly, I have lost a tad of faith in her because of the scandal. And I do disapprove of her getting more solo work (even though right now it’s a very small ammount, it’s still there). I’ve always thought that this happening kind of rewards her for doing what she did, and that’s not right because what she did was wrong. I’m not saying having a boyfriend is wrong, but I think her way of getting out of Momusu, especially when there were three brand new members who she was supposed to be setting an example for more so than the other “senior” members, was definitely not appropriate.

Nonetheless, I will still support her in this single! I can’t wait!! 8D

PS- In case you’re wondering, yes, I do contradict myself a lot. ^^




One response

14 02 2008

I can’t wait, either! Any news of Mikitty coming back makes me really happy.

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