TOP! Part 4- Super Junior

20 02 2008

Super Junior

It’s been a while since I’ve done another TOP!, so I decided to head on over to American Wota and rank my Musume singles [again] and then post them. But to my extremely squee-filled surprise, they now have a SuJu ranker! Yatta!! Finally! I have indeed been meaning to do this, I just hadn’t thought about it and now I have a super-easy American Wota way to do it. ^^ Yay~!


13. ShinDong

I’ve said it before, ShinDong is by far my least favorite SuJu. It’s not because he’s larger than the other members, but rather he just… kind of freaks me out. I’ve never really understood him, so it’s really hard for me to enjoy seeing him. Besides which, good Lord he cannot sing to save his life. Rap, yes. Sing, noooo.


12. KyuHyun

I do admit, Kyu has grown on me. I hated him for a very, very long time for some reason I don’t know. I started to like him, however, when I saw his duet with Charice Pempengco on the Korean variety show Star King. I had fallen in love with Charice after seeing her on Ellen Degeneres, and seeing her adorable little self duet with Kyu and how amazing his voice was… just won me over. And then Exploration of the Human Body episode 11 came out and Kyu just shined! He was so determined and adorable! And yes, he is one hell of a singer!

Kim KiBum

11. KiBum

Bummie’s just kind of there most of the time. But when he does make himself known, he does it in a big way. Like on EHB episode 12 [best. episode. EVER.], he was hilarious with that synchronized swimmer. I never knew he was so devious! And a couple of episodes earlier, the way he produced tears from just looking at a camera was amazing. He’s one hell of a rapper [not singer, he sucks at singing most of the time], and can be both adorable and sexy! ❤


10. HyukJae

Hyukkie is friggin hilarious. He never ceases to crack me up. And EunHae is totally amazing. He is an amazing dancer and singer [when he gets the chance] and WOW is rapping is incredible. However, he really grosses me out sometimes, which is why he’s down so low. [But higher than Bummie because of EHB episode 12 where he was making out with Minnie most of the time!!! SQUEE.]


09. ShiWon

There is one real reason to love ShiWon. Yes, he kicks ass at singing and his dimples are adorable. But those reasons aren’t important. The real reason everyone loves ShiWon:

his abs.



08. SungMin

Minnie is so adorable!!! End of story.


07. RyeoWook

Wookie is such a good singer. And he’s so innocently adorable! And he’s hilarious. When he tries to be sexy… it’s just so funny I can never stop laughing.


06. KangIn

KangIn’s hot. And funny. And a good singer. And has manboobpecs [new word!].


05. YehSung

YehSung’s honest to goodness tied with my number 4, but if I had to choose between them, YehSung would be number 5. He’s the most amazing singer I’ve ever heard and so incredibly underloved. I LOVE YOU!

Kim HeeChul

04. Cinderella [HeeChul]

Rella is the reason why I got into SuJu. Seriously, if it weren’t for her him, I wouldn’t be into them. Rella’s just so amazingly sexy it’s not even funny. Yeah, she he’s a bitchy diva, but she he’s funny at it! And come on, HanChul? Amazing.


03. DongHae

I do believe in a previous blog entry I said “Dude, when the fuck did Hae go from adorable to incredibly smexy?!” or something along the lines of that. He can be both, for sure yo. I love his playful, cute EunHae side. But then he gets all sexy, and I love that, too. Besides which, he is an incredible singer [KRYD anyone?] and dancer! There’s nothing not to love!

Park JungSu

02. Umma LeeTeuk

Sometimes I seriously squee when I see Teukie’s charismatic smexy poses. And goddamn I love pimp hats. And he’s half of KangTeuk. And honest to goodness, KangTeuk ruled my life for a few months. He’s a good singer and so caring to everyone else! He truely is umma!


01. HanKyung

No. Competition. At all. HanKyung makes me squee every single time I see him. Literally. He’s such an AMAZING dancer and singer and GOODLORD he is so SEXY. You should have seen me when I heard he was a torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I was SOOOOO excited! Still am! CAN’T WAIT. HANNIE I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH. *diiiieeeees* Seriously, I want to marry him some day.


So that’s it! Yatta!




2 responses

1 03 2008
Kuri {♥}

Which one is the one I think is hot again? ._. I just like the song “Don’t Don”… >.>

2 03 2008

XDDD You like ShiWon. :3

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