On Kamenashi Kazuya

2 03 2008

I love LIPS. Partially because KAT-TUN’s microphone stands are kick-ass. Partially because Koki is really saying “This is the shit!” not “This is a sick” [I mean, come on, we’re not THAT stupid]. Also partially because Junnosuke in looks HILARIOUS [sorry if that offends you~].

But really, it’s because Kame’s so damn sexy. The first time I watched it live I almost passed out. And then I watched the PV and did the same thing. [Yeah, I watched them in the wrong order] Here, watch.
You’ll see what I mean.


I think it was the eyeliner. :3 Anyway, after that video I found myself oggling him in any way I could possible [interviews, magazine scans, etc], kind of like how I do HanKyung [Super Junior].

He has an amazingly sexy voice and killer looks. …which is ironic of me to say because when I first got into KAT-TUN I thought he looked really weird and semi-ugly. I have no idea why these days.

I’m contemplating buying LIPS so that I can see him in the CD jacket and oggle at him for hours on end […as I do with HanKyung with my SuJu calendar and Don’t Don 8D]. If I wasn’t in debt $170 right now I totally would.

So…. there really is no purpose to this post. I just wanted to share my love of Kame-kun~! [Sorry!!]




4 responses

3 03 2008
3 03 2008
Kuri {♥}


Kamenashi is mine.

End of story.

3 03 2008

Uhm. How about not. A while back, you said you wanted Ueda. So I claimed Kame. He is mine. No more discussion.

20 03 2008

please vote kame here.. http://vote2.ziyu.net/html/milky86.html
now he on 2nd place.. make him 1st..
if you can read just tick on 2nd place.. tq

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