2 03 2008

Mano Erina (aka

Hello! Pro Egg and Ongaku Gatas fan favorite Mano Erina (commonly known to fans as “Manoeri”) will be graduating from both said groups to train and debut as a Hello! Project soloist.

…say what now??

It’s unheard of in H!P for Eggiepies to do hardly anything, let alone a soloist??? H!P hasn’t had a new soloist since 2005, and the last one was a horrific choice. I know Erina’s a fan favorite and all and yeah, she’s gorgeous and adorable… but a soloist??


An Eggiepie becoming a soloist?????


I’ll look forward to her debut, however far away it may be… but I’m still very confused by this decision. Will she even sell well?? [This is one of my more frequent “wtf Tsunku” moments]

Does this mean we have hope for Yui’s boobs and Erika’s amazing voice???



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3 03 2008
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3 03 2008

Wait, is it a fact that she’ll be leaving Ongaku gatas, as well as the h!p Eggs?

3 03 2008

I don’t have anything to back this up, but I don’t think this was something Tsunku planned. I honestly think she was causing some problems in Ongaku Gatas but she’s gotten too popular for Tsunku to throw that away when he could capitalize on it instead. Logically, it seems to me that if he really wanted to debut her as a soloist, he would have had her graduate from Eggs first and then he would have kept her in Gatas until her first single. At the very least, the announcement of her graduation would have come more than a day before it happened. The timing is far too suspicious for nothing to be happening.

3 03 2008

@Becca: Your hunch might be right. I sense that TNX and/or Pony Canyon might be up to their old tricks.

4 03 2008

@peachy – Yes, it’s been confirmed.

@Becca/Radicalpatriot – I didn’t really even think about it, but now that you mention it, what your saying seems very very probable…

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