Morning Musume/Takarazuka no Cinderella the Musical: The Cast

3 03 2008

I decided to predict the cast, or at least what I hope the cast will be, for the upcoming Momusu/Takarazuka musical: Cinderella.

Cinderella: Kamei Eri
Prince Charming: Takarazuka person
King/Queen: Takarazuka person
Evil Stepmother: Takahashi Ai
Stepsisters: Michishige, Koharu
Godmother: Niigaki Risa
Random other characters: Gen8 [Mittsi, Panda Parade]

Eririn as the lead would be so adorable. She’s adorable. It would work out so well! Takahashi as an evil character would just brighten my day. Sayumin and Koharu just have horrendous voices, and even though I doubt they could be very cynical, I imagine they could be very prissy and can pass off as sisters easily. I real logical reason why I think Gaki-san would be amazing as the fairy Godmother, I just think she would be.

I originally imagined Gen8 as the mice [come on, that would be ADORABLE], but Kuri informed me those would probably not be in the musical version, so I dunno. They’ll be random extras or newly created characters probably. Maybe they’ll be the animals or something.


[EDIT: Just realized I forgot Tanaka.  Oh well.  Don’t like her anyway.  I vote she’s an evil stepsister, too]



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3 03 2008

They generally only cast Takarazuka people in the older roles. So switch Prince Charming and the Evil stepmother, and theres your cast.

3 03 2008

I immediately cast the play in my own mind when I heard about it too, and came to a lot of the same conclusions you did. Reina and Koharu are my evil stepsisters – although now that I think about it, I’m not sure if Reina can pull off the humor required for the role. Risa would be a good choice too and she’s certainly funny enough.

The Prince confuses me the most. If they have a kiss, I think they’d let two Morning Musume members kiss but I don’t think they’d allow the kiss if it were between one of the members and a Takarazuka person. I’m not well-versed in H! P theatre, but it just seems like something they’d shy away from. My bet is that the Prince will be a male actor.

(I hate linking to posts of my own, but if you want to know what roles are in the musical, here:

11 12 2009

I think that Takahashi Ai did a great job as Cinderella. Too young to be stepmother anyway. I just don’t understand why a guy couldn’t play the prince, but the girl who did, did a good job. The whole thing is on you tube, subbed.

3 03 2008
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4 03 2008

@Becca – I’m gonna place a bet that they’ll just fake it. ^^ [the kiss]

12 10 2008

sorry to say, but Ai is the lead. 😦

28 11 2008

you rotten lot!
sayumi is my very favorite member, i would have liked to see her as the prince. and i like all the other members very much. Junjun and Linlin are growing on me though, i always hate the new members. but im sure that its gonna be great. I also really liked their other musical with takashi ai as the lead, it was quite moving… it made me cry. anyway the other members are just as good as eririn!!

14 08 2009

Just stumbled on this googling momusu musicals…had to respond. I LOVE CInderella and what they accomplished was astounding. The girls helf their own with not only seasoned professionals, but an AMAZING and well known theatre troupe. Ai-chan and Gaki-san were absolutely stunning in their roles and made me tear up more than once.

You were pretty dead on with the step sisters, except for Eri but her ditziness lended itself more to those roles. Koha actually pulled off being invisible and AIka made a cute fairy! But Risa and Ai were stunning. I

‘m an actor and very hard on actors. I mean if I know it’s gonna be bad, but fun, I can enjoy it on some level, and that’s what I was expecting with this…But they were awesome. I’m really shocked at how good it was. Better that alot of crap on Broadway and I dont even speak Japanese!

14 08 2009

“held” their own.

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