Dear Celestia…

12 03 2008

I read your blog on the old KAT-TUN performances. And in there, for about a paragraph, you mentioned the fact that H!P should take notes from Johnny’s and let their idols actually use the talents that they have. I’ve actually loved your entire thing about compairing Johnny’s and H!P, but this one caught my attention.

I remember when I watched that Junjun/Linlin first live event thing, when Junjun played piano, I was thinking, “Uhm, hello?? Why isn’t anyone singing to accompany her?”

I always thought it would be so cool if someone sang with her playing piano. Or hell, if Junjun even sang along with her piano.

Hagiwara Mai and Maeda Yuki can both play those ridulously huge drum things (as well as everyone who was in 10nin Matsuri), so how come that hasn’t been an MC? Or like Celestia said, Takahashi’s ballet?

Natsu-chu Miyabi can twirl battons like crazy. Why hasn’t she done that?

Kumai Yurina can ride a unicycle. That would make such a kick-ass show.

So how come Tsunku hasn’t let these girls display their innermost talents instead of just dancing and singing (and most of them aren’t even that good at that)? Does he just hate them? :3

It’s worth considering, I think.



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12 03 2008

Pst. It’s 10nin Matsuri XD;

12 03 2008

I agree! That’s why I love Yasuda Kei’s performances, because she often accompanies herself or others on the saxophone or piano.

12 03 2008
13 03 2008

exactly! it would add a lot of interest and variety to their performances.

13 03 2008

Gaki can play keyboards as well, supposedly. I think it’d be a little weird unless they all knew something. I think they need to get back to singing backup for each other and doing counterpoint and such like the first gens did instead of using these weird backup singers. They did that from the beginning with only 5 girls now there’s 9 or 10 and they are brining in more singers! That’s just silly to me…I mean more silly than it should be!

13 03 2008

Tsuji and Kago were crazy at the unicycles too…
those skills were well used in the Chinese restaurant skits they used to have.

( Rika’s good with a yoyo, we shouldve seen more of that in the Sukeban Deka movie… )

it would be fine to see the girls actually have a talent show,
but wouldnt it look more like a circus show?
(but then, it’s not a bad thing, is it?) 🙂

14 03 2008

@jim- I actually hate the idea of backup singers within the group. I think you mean people doing harmonies, because that’s what happened with the first few generations, but it’s really really unfair to those who do sing backup only. Like Summer Night Town. Ugh. They do do their own harmonies, just recorded on a karaoke track and not live because they want those two girls (Takahashi and Gaki-san) to sing their main parts.

@polidread- I remember that 8D And I don’t mean like a talent show, but just to incorperate the girls’ other talents other than singing and dancing into performances. It would add variety and make them more entertaining.

14 03 2008

which brings us to that MouTube portion of Haromoni@ ~
the girls should be doing the weird stuff most of the time
and not other folks. They could use those hidden talents for MouTube

and Mikitty can lick her nose all she wants coz that’s her special skill! XD

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