Morning Musume – Resonant Blue

14 03 2008

I know this video/song are recieving a lot of negative comments, but may I just say before joining them:

Holy shit, those girls are hot!!!

I swear, I’ve never really looked at Koharu and said “Wow, they did something right with her,” or Tanaka. I mean, seriously. And with the long stream of horrible outfits they’ve had, these ones kick ass. They. Are. Hot. The only things missing are pimp hats. They even do a few dance moves where grabbing the rim of a pimp hat would skyrocket the hotness. Hey, wotas would love it. Tsunku.

Now… on to the PV. Dear Lordie, I hope that was the dance shot. If not, that’s a pathetic excuse for a PV. Unimaginitive and low-budget much? And even at that, I think dancing in the rain or puddles (much like Shabondama) would have made it at least a tad more interesting.

The dance was awesome, though. Seriously. I liked the formation, I don’t remember seeing anything quite like that in a Momusu dance. And they do the Special Generation train thing. I swear that is one of my favorite moves, I love it. And it was sexy. And I did not think Koharu or Sayumin could dance sexy (from what little of her I saw).

Now… the screen time was definitely an issue for me. I understand that Tanaka, Takahashi, and Koharu were leads in the song, presumably because they’re the three biggest names in Morning Musume right now and Tsunku really needed a single that would sell. However, I didn’t see 8th Gen at all. Not once. I tried really really hard to see even a glimpse of Mittsi, Junjun, or Linlin, but I failed. And hell, Sayumin got like half a second of screentime. I was gonna add her to that list right before I saw her horrific… thing that she did.

I love the song itself. No, scratch that. I love the sound. I actually really hate the distributation of lines (I’m pretty sure 8thGen don’t sing once, not even on group parts). This is the one thing I hate in Hello! Project. I really really HATE when only three or four girls get all the damn lines. Aruiteru? Hate it to death. Bishoujo Shinri? Kill me now. And also a lot of old Berryz (and hell, the more recent ones, too), like Fighting Pose wa Date Janai! I can like the two or three girls singing leads, but I’ll hate the song because I only hear them.

I really really love that Tanaka tried sounding mature on this. I don’t like her. Or her part. But she tried being mature, and that really speaks to me. And here’s something that I never ever EVER thought I would see myself say: I loved Takahashi in this. Her singing was hot, she was hot, and she danced well.

….I think I need to take a few minutes to rest now. Saying that took a chunk out of the depths of my soul.

Koharu killed this song. Her voice was simply not meant to do hot, mature songs like this. Why wasn’t she stuck in the background and let a better singer, like, say, Junjun, who actually has a mature voice, come and sing lead? Oh wait, Heaven forbid, she’s Chinese.

Kamei and Gaki-san were incredibly hot. Their singing (as few lines as it was) was amazing. Those two girls should have been leads.

Sayumi ruined the song. I’m not even kidding. That “HOLD ME~” was awful. It didn’t even fit with the song. It was like they put it in there just to say they gave her a line. And mimic Shabondama, which, by the way, a lot of the elements of this song and PV remind me of.

There’s something I realized after posting this initially. This single was made to sell. It wasn’t made for the fans like Mikan. It wasn’t made to debut anyone like Egao YES Nude and Onna ni. This was made to raise the sales after the disappointing ones we saw in 2007. Tanaka, Takahashi, and Koharu are the three most popular members of Morning Musume right now. So they got the leads. Gaki-san and Kamei are slowly building up their fanbases, so they got little bits. Gen8 are brand new, so they don’t have much of a fanbase. Therefore, no lines for them. Sex sells. Hence the dance and the outfits. And R&B is very popular, so that was the genre of this single.

It was all planned out to sell well. Let’s see how well that works.

Overall, I like the song, but a lot of the details bug me. I really, really love the style though. The more R&B-ish and actually mature sound is something I could really get used to because that’s pretty much what I listen to when I’m not listening to Asian music. The PV was really lame, though. And they better make a real one, not a dance shot and call it the regular version PV.

PS- In the end, I’m still shocked that I liked Takahashi so much and Tanaka more than usual in this, and I really really miss Gen8 D:



7 responses

14 03 2008

Okay. The PV, overall…totally lame. Outfits….totally hot. Takitty’s short hair…totally hot. Dance….I could care less, but I’m not a dancer. But I still hate the song. It smacks of being the bastard child of Egao YES Nude and Love Machine without the “WOW!” to back it up. Yuck. Either go back to old school MoMusu, or stick to something for more than one single, guys!

14 03 2008

I added something new, you should read it. 😮

14 03 2008

Um, wasn’t it HELP ME, isn’t of HOLD ME?

14 03 2008

I mean “instead of”, not “isn’t of”. My bad, sorry for the typo. Er, I didn’t really comment on anything because, well it’s become such a discussed topic, I don’t really have anything else to add. Sorry.

15 03 2008

I think I hate songs were only 2-3 girls get lines. I HATE Roman My Dear Boy performances, because all the other girls do is dance around and sing like 3 words of the chorus. And Aruiteru was unbearable to me because of that fact.

Bleh… Poor Momusu… I really really REALLY want to love them again, but then they come up with this Koha-centric crap and I hate them again XD

Koharu can’t sing/dance/look hot/look like she’s not on crack so she really shouldn’t have been a lead in this. I usually don’t care about her singing lines than everyone else. But when she’s one of the only ones who gets A line… I just hate her. With a passion.


15 03 2008

I totally agree about the sayu thing. It totally irks me. I mean, the whole line-up is disgusting. Even the outfits were different. Come on, all Koharu needs is a bit of white on her and she’s in the front.

Why call this group Morning Musume anymore? Call it “Ai, Reina, Koharu and a bunch of other girls” like what other youtubers call them now.

But the dance was AWESOME.

3 04 2008

i love the song and the dance but i think it will be better if al they sing not just ai , reina,koharu,risa and eri./………. but this song is one of my favourites…go to the first in Lithuania website about mm http://www.Morning–

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