As much as I hate to admit it…

30 03 2008

And I mean really, really hate to admit it… like, once again, I’m ripping out part of my soul here*…

…Risako sounds really good in Robokiss. I was totally prepared to bash her because I didn’t think in a million years she could pull off W. I never expected in a million years that she could sing. And I know from experience that Tsuji’s parts in that song are really vocally demanding.

So… er… good job, Risako. Didn’t think you had it in you….

…That hurt my ego.

PS- I was gone this past week… so over the next few days I’ll be catching up on what I’ve missed (ie Namie’s kick-ass new single, Gocchin’s lessons, Biyuuden’s new PV, Milky Way, Namida no Iro, Tanaka Reina filling the void in my heart that was previously Kuroki Marina in Onegai My Melody, and Resonant Blue covers… I’ve missed a lot… siiiigh…)

* This is in reference when a very similar thing happened to me when I was reviewing Resonant Blue and had to give Takahashi major props for her vocals and hotness.  If you’ve ever read my blog before, you know I have a real problem liking her.  Risako is the same way.



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