Let’s play that GAME

25 04 2008

Perfume’s new album, GAME, just came out.  Well, it’s been out for like a week.  And it’s done something most idol groups these past few years can only dream to accomplish: it’s broken 100,000 copies sold.  It’s looking like it’s gonna head for 200,000, too.

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Sekai no Melody 2008 Summer Extravaganza — Idol KiSS!!!

16 04 2008

Idol KiSS is Sekai no Melody’s 2008 summer extravaganza!  Participants are placed into groups and put through a series of tasks to complete and are pitted against each other in the ultimate online idol competition!

I’m in the group Rosequartz!  Please support us!

Link is in the poster!

PS- This is part of the competition~ :3


15 04 2008

I just got done watching the first season of the J-dorama Hana Yori Dango. Yeah, everyone knows what it is. But I hadn’t watched it because up until Princess Princess D I only watched doramas with KAT-TUN members in them. This is the second dorama I’ve watched since then. And wow. It’s… amazing. I highly highly reccomend it to anyone who cares. I haven’t cried that much since 1 Litre no Namida (first dorama ever, one of the most emotional experiences of my life, no joke).

Anyway, I wasn’t too fond of the opening sequence (I’m not a huge Arashi fan), so I usually skipped over it any chance I got. But the ending theme always played at the tear-jerking end of each episode (well, towards the end thats how it was), so I couldn’t really skip over it without missing some critical part of the story.

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The Nakayama Siblings

13 04 2008

Okay, this is really no big deal, but I was excited to discover this. Hello! Project SI☆NA (formerly Hello! Pro Kansai) member Nakayama Nana is the older sister of Johnny’s Junior Hey! Say! 7 West member Nakayama Yuma.

Nakayama YumaNakayama Nana

Insignificant? Yes, very. But I just knew it would happen someday. I knew someone from H!P would be related to someone from JE. It’s just too cliche to not happen. The two biggest idol projects in all of Japan having siblings. Isn’t that cuuuute~ It’s even cuter that they were both in “Kansai” groups.

Someday, it’s just bound to happen that an H!P girl will date a JE boy.

Someone please give me one good reason

13 04 2008

As to why that wasn’t the official Resonant Blue PV?

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TOP! Part 5 – Wonderful Hearts Singles

10 04 2008

American Wota makes my life. They have yet another new ranker out~ This one’s for Wonderful Hearts Singles (any singles including H!P Kidlets/ewKoharu/Eggypies). There’s fourty four of them, but I’m only going to put up my top ten. (I have way too much fun with these).

And just… because I can.. my number fourty four is ewKoharu’s Koi☆Kana.

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Super Junior M Debut

9 04 2008

For those of you who don’t keep up with popular Korean idol group Super Junior’s news like you do H!P, they’ve had a TON of controversy over the past couple months involving a Chinese group and the members and all that dramatic jazz. Anyway, this week as been a highly-anticipated week for those in the fandom: Super Junior M (new name for the former Super Junior China)’s debut music video and album came out today. I haven’t heard the album, but dear lordy that video. Could Hannie and Hae get any sexier? Seriously?

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