Catching Up

2 04 2008

I always leave when the important things happen.  It’s never one of those slow news weeks, its always a week where everything is happening.  Sigh… So in this incredibly long and unorganized blog, I intend to catch up on everything I missed next week.  From Gocchin to ewKoharu to smexinC-ute.

Okay so first on my list is something I meant to write about before I left, but never got aroung to (story of my life).  Namie Amuro’s new #1 single 60s70s80s.  This single is kick-ass.   I couldn’t stop listening to it for like two weeks.  And this is weird, because I really have never liked Namie’s music before.  Not to say I haven’t listened to it before, because I have, I just never enjoyed it.  This changes my perspective.  I mean, how could you not love a song about Twiggy and miniskirts?  And WHAT A FEELING  is really strangely addictive.  So I think I’ll start following her future singles and see how I like her now.

Also, while I was gone, Goto Maki began taken lessons in none other than LA (yes, here in the US!).  Many dancing lessons and vocal lessons.  Hmmm… preparing for your non-H!P debut, Gocchin??  I’m really excited that she’s here and I fully plan to support her on Ganbare Gocchin Day.  I can’t wait for her debut!

The PV for Biyuuden’s farewell single, a cover of Morning Musume’s Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU also aired.  I really don’t care for the song at all.  And what the fuck was the costume designer smoking when she/he/it came up with those… things they’re wearing??  The only thing I like is that Erika’s hair is long and I really loved the low-resolution images of them on the beach, shot by themselves.  That seemed really sentimental and was about the only thing working for them (the outfits there were adorable).  Overall, it’s really disappointing that this is all Tsunku could come up with for their final single.  I mean, come on, it’s their LAST SINGLE for God’s sake.  At least make it a good one.  Sheesh.

As for Milky Way, Kusumi Koharu’s new Kirarin unit… well, I like it except for Koharu.  It’s sad that the Eggypies outshine her so much.   The outfits are really cute, I think.  And scream Kirarin.  The PV is pretty lame… simple… Kirarin.  And the dance was a little out of sync a few times, but it’s both of the eggs first time ever in a PV, so I’ll pardon it.  The song reminded me of Balalaika, Koharu’s best-selling single.  What I really loved about it was those tambourines.  And how they incorperated them into the dance.  I seriously want to buy one.  Koharu’s.  The pink one.

C-ute is hot.  They proved this in Tokaikko JunjouLALALA was pretty lame and should be ignored, so I’ll pretend that this upcoming single, Namido no Iro, is their fourth single.   The covers recently came out (not recently to you, but recently to me).  Airiin, Maimi, Maimai, and Chisato are freakin hot.  And Erika is just a sexpot.  But that’s a well-known fact.   On the other hand… Kanna and Nakasaki just look… awkward.  I’ll go back to pretending they don’t really exist.

I’m really glad that single is a ballad, because if it was all happy like the rest of their singles (sans Tokaikko), I was going to have to shoot Tsunku in the nuts.  You just don’t make a song called the Colour of Tears happy.  Period.  So I’m glad its a ballad.  I’m looking forward to the PV and release.

While we’re on covers, Morning Musume’s Resonant Blue covers also were released.  There’s not much to say besides that these girls are hot.  Again.  And dear Lord Linlin is smoking.  Gen8 period outshines everyone else.  Except maybe Gaki-san.  But everyone is hot, there’s no question in that (even Koharu…).

And last but not least, probably the thing that surprised me the most is that Tanaka Reina will be starring in the new Onegai My Melody anime, Onegai My Melody: Kirara!  Now, the only reason I gave OMM a rat’s ass in the past was because Kuroki Marina sang the main theme (and it was SO addictive).  Kuroki Marina, for those of you don’t know, started playing Sailormoon at age 12 in the Sailor Moon Musicals, which I used to be a die-hard fan of (I own a couple of the DVDs).  She was my favortie actress to ever play Sailormoon, and I loved her to death.  So naturally, I loved the song to death and therefore the anime to death.

Now Tanaka Reina’s going to be in that anime that I once loved so much.  I don’t think she’ll sing the opening/ending themes, but maybe.  I hope not.  But I kind of do.  This is ripping my soul apart, once again, as seems to be happening so much lately.  What is happening to H!P that is making me question my incredibly strong opinions??  Anyway, It’s conflicting for me because I’m really excited for Reina and this anime, but I really don’t like her.  She’s my least favorite Musume.  So… I don’t know.  I’ll have to sit on this one for a while.

In the end, that all flowed terribly and was really random for the most part.  Oh yeah!  I forgot TsunkuJr^2.  If they’re girls, there’s no doubt that someday they’ll be in H!P.  If they’re boys, he’ll probably ship them off to Johnny’s.  One way or the other, I think we have some idolbabies comin along.

Till next time~



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2 04 2008
2 04 2008

Please exchange link with me ! 🙂

23 06 2008

:O I saw a tag saying kuroki marina. And I was like SM Musicals?! XD but… Did you hear about Kanbe Miyuki’s death? (3rd stage) she was only 24… she died just this past week of heart failure… :\ Really really really sad…

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