°C-ute Namida no Iro PV

4 04 2008

The PV for °C-ute’s upcoming single, Namida no Iro, just came out. I haven’t seen it, I hardly listened to the radio rip, all I know is the chorus from the commercial and the outfits. So I’ll be writing this as I watch the PV, something I’ve never tried before.

Nice opening… it’s all Spanish… am I to expect something like Iroppoi Jirettai? It even has the outside to center wave in the dance that Iroppoi does. Claps… that fit too. Oo! Wow! Something that actually requires some dancing skill! A ballet move! I totally forget what that was called, but I was in ballet for five or six years, so that really stand out to me.

The whole slowing down with the bright light is a really nice effect, I don’t think I’ve ever seen H!P do it, it looks really nice. Ah… C-ute dances just get better and better (once again annexing LALALA).

Okay. Singing starts. Maimi’s the opening solo, as she usually is. What on Earth are they standing inbetween, though? It looks like two styrofoam walls. The lighting behind them, however, is pretty artistic. And the setting for the danceshot is really different, it looks like they tried to make a chapel-ish look in my opinion, which rather fits with the theme of the song. This really seems too creative to be an H!P PV.

Holy poo, Chisa is hotter than ever. She gives sexpot!Erika a run for her money. Woah, scratch that. Erika just got some solo screentime. Still the hottest member of the H!P Kids. As the PV does on, these girls seriously get hotter and hotter yet.

This song’s chorus really shows of Maimi and Airi’s vocal talent. I really want to see if they can pull that off live.

I like the shots of them laying down. Except for Maimi, she looks really awkward.

The instrumental break had a pretty nice dance at first, but then it’s pretty much all poses that require no dancing ability. The bridge comes and they all sing it, even the high notes. I really like that. Except Nakasaki does the note to the next chorus. Seriously, Tsunku?? Pick the girl with the worst (maybe second-to-worst) singing ability on the group to do one of the most important notes?? Are you nuts? That note should have gone to Maimai or Chisa. They are ten thousand times better singers than Nakasaki. Hell, even Airiin or Maimi would have been a lot better.

Then we once again hear Airiin’s very impressive vocal talent. She’s only gotten better since First Kiss when she was 9. Yes, she’s been an amazing vocalist since she started.

God, why does the PV have to end with awkward!Maimi?? It really ruined what could have been a good ending if they had just faded out from the group shot and left it. Seriously.

Overall, I really really love this song and PV, but there are some very arguable parts that I would rather not be there. Either way, I predict that this song will sell really well (it’s sexy and it’s not about superhappyfuntimelove). If Berryz’ crap eurovision song made the best selling H!P Kids single, then there’s no doubt this one will do way better. It’ll blow Momusu’s recent sales out of the park, but that’s not hard. The H!P Kids have been pulling that off easily lately.

So yeah. General good first impression. I’m really anxious for the first live of this song.

Until then~

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One response

24 04 2008

great minds think alike (:
but i already liked Chisa from the start 😀
same here, i really think she has matured.
not only cute, but really developing into a hot teenager HAHAHA.
this song will top the charts for H!P, i believe..
and wow Mai-chan has really grown since i last saw her in japan,LOL.
anyway this is one great review ;D take cares,

LOVE,Chisa’s greatest fan:D

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