Super Junior M Debut

9 04 2008

For those of you who don’t keep up with popular Korean idol group Super Junior’s news like you do H!P, they’ve had a TON of controversy over the past couple months involving a Chinese group and the members and all that dramatic jazz. Anyway, this week as been a highly-anticipated week for those in the fandom: Super Junior M (new name for the former Super Junior China)’s debut music video and album came out today. I haven’t heard the album, but dear lordy that video. Could Hannie and Hae get any sexier? Seriously?

The group is Super Junior’s HanKyung, DongHae, ShiWon, RyeoWook, and KyuHyun, along with new SM dudes Henry (from SuJu’s ever-popular Don’t Don) and Zhou Mi (who popped out of no where, seriously). Hannie and Hae are my favorite members of SuJu, so I literally spazzed when I saw that video. They have solo dance shots. Those are so sexy.

Anyway, to build up anticipation for the album, SM gave us small bits of eyecandy leading up to this MV. The official pictures were released two a day this week (with the exception of Hannie). Those were exciting. Because Henry is just about the most adorable thing on the planet (seriously, look at his chubby lil cheeks!!) and Hannie is smex in skinny jeans. Here, have a look~

Super Junior M

(L to R: Zhou Mi, RyeoWook, Henry, ShiWon, Hannie, DongHae, KyuHyun)

Taking a moment on that picture… I love how Hae is staring at Kyu. That’s gonna drive the fangirls home. Zhou Mi looks like ShiWon when SuJu first debuted. And ShiWon really got smexed up for SJM. I absolutely love Hannie’s chest. Henry’s an adorable little cupcake. Wookie’s just… aaah Wookie. XD

Anyway. There’s something incredibly sexy about SuJu singing in Chinese. No idea why. It just is. I like this U a lot better than SuJu’s: there’s a lot more storyline shots. And there’s a chick. I don’t like her, but since the song is about making a girl theirs, I think it’s rather appropriate.

And Lord on high, pelvic thrusts are holy. They are… *nosebleed*

Hae looks like he lost a lot of weight, though. Like, he looks almost skeletal in some shots. Probably because he had a huge workload getting ready for this when he doesn’t even speak Chinese (…nor do Wookie or Kyu…).

Zhou Mi looks hilarious trying to be sexy. It’s just funny. And I seriously cannot get over how adorable Henry looks all the time!

OKAY HOLD THE PHONE. WHAT’S THIS!? Hannie gets a solo dance!!!!!!!! And not only that!! THE RETURN OF HENRY’S VIOLIN!!! ZOMGWTFBBQSTFU. YAAAAAAAAAAY. That’s one sweet violin. o-o; I wonder how he’s gonna get it live (it’ll just be… hiding?). This is, predictably, followed by the rap. I have to give Zhou credits for rapping skillz… but he’s not even close to beating Hae. Hae’s just incredibly sexy when he raps. Period.

That was really the only singificant difference between the two U‘s: the intrumental breaks. This one wins by a long shot. Anything with Hannie dancing solo (<33333333) and Henry’s violin is win.

There’s an almost still following Wookie’s bridge where that fugly chick is walking through SJM jumping and Wonnie catches her eye, but Hae’s reaching up to her (rejected). That’s sure to spark some fanfics. :3

In the end: I love pelvic thrusts and Super Junior. kthxbai.

Here’s the link to the video.

Here are some screencaps so you migh have a vague idea of what the hell I was rambling on about:

I did not make those. :3

PS- Is it really weird that I’m in love with Hae’s adam’s apple and Hannie’s chest?




4 responses

11 04 2008

well i cant believe it so yeah i actually like how they group up with super junior m and stuff…..i like dong hae a lot!!! plus even though i like minhwan better but i sill still support you guys!! LOL!! Keep it up!!!

12 04 2008

When did they form this group?
This year?
Isn’t Ryeowook in Super Junior K.R.Y.?
Anyways, The 2 new guys are ok looking.
But I prefer SuJu.
But I thik they’re cool too! (^__^)

12 04 2008

@PaKay- Well, rumors about it have been circulating since last fall-ish. However, they were officially announced this year and debuted about a week ago. Yes, both RyeoWook and KyuHyun are in K.R.Y., but they’re in this as well.

14 04 2008

no, it’s not weird that your in love with hannie’s chest and donghae’s adam apple, b/c i am too. he he. i must agree with everything you said. i had the same thing on my mind. henry is just the little baby in the group and hankyung… wow. i must say i will never stop loving him. i really didn’t like that chick either. i thought i was the only one since my friends said it didn’t bother them much. and the pelvic thrusts… 0.o… heaven. :]

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