Someone please give me one good reason

13 04 2008

As to why that wasn’t the official Resonant Blue PV?

That is exactly how a PV should be done. Not a solid dance shot. Not a dance shot with a couple close-ups here and there. A PV with story shots, and in a big group like Morning Musume, giving every single member a fair ammount of screen time.

Woah, hold the phone. Did I just really type that? Did I really just see that?

Hello! Project has never, and I repeat, never given a fair ammount of screentime to each member in a PV before. Ever. Not for any group. Seriously, never.

So I’m 25% shocked that they actually did that, but the other 75% is that it was in Morning Musume of all groups. The “Ai, Reina, Koharu, and those other girls” group. You would think if they experimented with this that it would be with something like the reject-mini-album-song-for-a-single group Melon Kinenbi or “Airi, Maimi, and sometimes Nakasaki and Mai” aka C-ute. But Morning Musume?? The “head honcho”, the “mothergroup”, the “main act”??

You can tell it’s an experiment. That’s why it wasn’t the official PV. But damn, I really wish it was. The girls actually get to show their personalities.

Okay, don’t just hold it, hang up the phone. Because it’s obvious we’re not talkin about H!P anymore here.

Ai probably does excersize in her free time, trying to maintain her image as leader and set an example. ewKoharu really is a camera whore. Reina really does wear glamorous clothing and purses all the time. Sayumin and Kamei really are best friends. Gaki-san… well, she’s really Gaki-san. Mittsi really is the only girl in Momusu attending school right now (hence the school uniform and waiting at the subway, presumably after school). And the Panda Parade really are very close and burry themselves in Chinese whenever they can.

So once again, how is this a H!P PV? I don’t remember ever seeing an H!P PV filled with personality. And I do recall the few “Takahashi Ai and some girls” singles just a few months ago. I really don’t mean to sound redundant… but I’m just having such a hard time gripping this.

I could bairly keep watching the PV I was so excited to come and report my findings.

As I said at first, this is exactly how a PV should be done. Get to know the singers, have a storyline. (I loved the dance practice shots!!! Junjun got a really nice ammount of screentime!) Yes, a dance adds variety every once in a while, but it should never be the main focus. Nor, in my opinion, should the lip-syncing screenshots.

This isn’t an idol group PV.  This is an singing group’s PV.  This is how its done.

I haven’t said this in a really long time, but H!P, Tsunku, other dude… You did really well for once. Good job. Don’t screw it up with the next single.

And just to make it interesting… here’s the approxamite ammount of screentime every member received. (The dance practice shots were whoever you could see up front in that particular shot, and where no one person stood out, it was put under “group”)

Dance Shot- 133 seconds
Tanaka Reina- 53 seconds
Takahashi Ai- 25 seconds
Kusumi Koharu- 25 seconds
Niigaki Risa- 23 seconds
Junjun- 21 seconds
Michishige Sayumi- 16 seconds
Mitsui Aika- 16 seconds
Linlin- 14 seconds
Kamei Eri- 12 seconds
Group- 12 seconds

Based on that, it’s pretty obvious that Reina starred in this PV (you can tell even without numbers), but what’s really surprising is a) rising star Kamei Eri got the least ammount of solo screentime and b) Junjun got more screentime than any of the other backup dancers. I thought the Pandas were supposed to be neglected.

Just some food for thought.




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14 04 2008

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14 04 2008
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14 04 2008

Honestly speaking, I don’t like it. It’s so half-hearted that it’s OBVIOUS.

14 04 2008

Why isn’t Koharu in school??? She doesn’t want to finish high school atlesat?

29 04 2008

i just like the dance movements and the song. so i often watch their live dances.

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