The Nakayama Siblings

13 04 2008

Okay, this is really no big deal, but I was excited to discover this. Hello! Project SI☆NA (formerly Hello! Pro Kansai) member Nakayama Nana is the older sister of Johnny’s Junior Hey! Say! 7 West member Nakayama Yuma.

Nakayama YumaNakayama Nana

Insignificant? Yes, very. But I just knew it would happen someday. I knew someone from H!P would be related to someone from JE. It’s just too cliche to not happen. The two biggest idol projects in all of Japan having siblings. Isn’t that cuuuute~ It’s even cuter that they were both in “Kansai” groups.

Someday, it’s just bound to happen that an H!P girl will date a JE boy.




3 responses

14 04 2008

there is also a father son relationship (i.e. the father was in a Johnnys band and now the son is also) with one of the other kids from Hey Say 7, but i cant remember witch lol.

14 04 2008
Kuri {♥}

Tsukiki! Didn’t you know?

Tokunaga Chinami and Akanishi Jin were once rumoured to be dating!

16 04 2008

@namika- I’m aware. I do remember who… I can picture their faces… just not the name… ^^;;

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