15 04 2008

I just got done watching the first season of the J-dorama Hana Yori Dango. Yeah, everyone knows what it is. But I hadn’t watched it because up until Princess Princess D I only watched doramas with KAT-TUN members in them. This is the second dorama I’ve watched since then. And wow. It’s… amazing. I highly highly reccomend it to anyone who cares. I haven’t cried that much since 1 Litre no Namida (first dorama ever, one of the most emotional experiences of my life, no joke).

Anyway, I wasn’t too fond of the opening sequence (I’m not a huge Arashi fan), so I usually skipped over it any chance I got. But the ending theme always played at the tear-jerking end of each episode (well, towards the end thats how it was), so I couldn’t really skip over it without missing some critical part of the story.

I’m so glad they did it that way.

I was intruiged, and while waiting for the next episode to download, I looked up the name/artist and headed over to youtube to check out the PV. Found out: a) It was Planetarium by Otsuka Ai, b) said singer is gorgeous, and c) I’m really happy I finally listened to this song.

I’ve always enjoyed Otsuka Ai’s music, but I’ve never been a fan in the sense that I actually get her music and listen to it. It’s more like… I’ve seen a few PVs and liked them. Planetarium was done more than once in more than one karaoke group that I’m in, but I was never in any of those, so I figured, why bother? I have better things to do.

There’s only two songs that I know of that can make me really cry. One of them is Planetarium. I have no idea why… I think part of this one was the lyrics… they’re incredibly touching. I was bawling by the end of the PV. And after seeing it, I cried every time I heard it while watching Hana Yori Dango. The other song is Morning Musume’s Koi ING. Don’t ask me why, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. I was watching an OPV on youtube with Koi ING and I was just sobbing.

I’m pretty sure the thing about those two songs is the melody. Like when Koi ING starts, there’s that piano melody that carries through most of it… the first time I heard it I felt like someone struck my heart with a lightening bolt, as incredibly cliche as that sounds.

The same thing happened with Planetarium. Only it wasn’t only a small part of the song, it was the entire thing. I just… I dunno.

But right now, I’m positive that thereis no song more amazing than Planetarium on this planet. That’s for sure.




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