Let’s play that GAME

25 04 2008

Perfume’s new album, GAME, just came out.  Well, it’s been out for like a week.  And it’s done something most idol groups these past few years can only dream to accomplish: it’s broken 100,000 copies sold.  It’s looking like it’s gonna head for 200,000, too.

I’m shocked by the numbers.  I mean, I love this album, but wow… that’s competing with Ayu and Koda.  That’s amazing for an idol group these days.  I’m sorry to say that it looks like Momusu has been officially kicked out of the game (no pun intended).

I feel special now and Kuri and I got into them before anyone even knew who they were.  They sure have really made a name for themselves in one year.  I’m so proud~

Anyway, here’s a track-by-track review of the [new] songs on the album!

02. plastic smile

This reminds me of older Perfume.  It’s such a cute song.  I don’t think Perfume’s been around long enough to call it “classic Perfume”, but that’s what it sounds like (the stuff on their first best-of).  They all sound really good on this.  The “Ah ah~”s make it really addictive… (I swear I’m hearing “facist smile” somewhere in there….)


03. GAME

Break out the techno beats.  Strobe lights.  Club with lots of hot, sweaty dancers.  This is GAME.  This song kicks ass.  As the title track should.  It really shows off their vocal talent as well.  I’ve found that Perfume really never runs out of breath (singing live, etc); this is no exception.  The only thing I don’t think I like is that the beats are so blaringly loud and Perfume’s voices are so soft compaired to it.  It’s like “BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMsqueaksqueakBOOMBOOM Let’s play that game!”  …Or something.

When I first heard it, that blaring note right before the last chorus had me thinking my iPod was dying.  Freaked me out.


07. Ceramic Girl

This is a really nice song.  It doesn’t really stand out to me much, but I like the sound of it.  It’s nice.

08. Take me Take me

If there was ever fan service in a song…….

This is the only song on the album that I don’t really like.  All it is is “take me take me” repeated over and over for five and a half minutes.  It’s sooooooooooooo redundant and boring.  Yuck.  Next.


09. Secret Secret

This is the freakin best song on the album.   I love it.  The PV is awesome, too.  It has a lot of variety in it as far as Perfume goes.  It has the soft relaxing beats as well as the blaring techno beats we found in GAME and a nice display of Perfume’s vocals.


10. Butterfly

This song wins for the most original.  I was so intruiged by it at first.  It’s so different than any other song I’ve ever heard.  It reminds me of The Jungle Book.  It sounds like a jungle song.  It’s really neat to listen to, the effects are kakkoi~  The chorus is pretty lame, though.  Who sings about butterflies, honestly?  (cyber idols apparently 8D)


11. Puppy Love

Those first few notes definitely remind me of Charlie Brown.  Don’t you think?

In my book, this song gets the award for the most complete song.  It sounds like it could be a single.  Well, most of them do, but for some reason this one just sounds more so.  It’s a little boring, though.  Cute, but just a tad boring.


Overall, this album was kick-ass.  Seriously, I love it.  I didn’t stop listening to it for the week after it came out non-stop.  I can’t wait to see what Perfume puts out next!!!

Overall rating:





2 responses

29 04 2008

my fav song of the new songs is plastic smile.

30 04 2008
CJ Marsicano

That description of the closing track of the album sounds familiar… 😉

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